View Full Version : Jr. first White Sox AB

08-01-2008, 08:36 PM
Two out RBI single up the middle. :)

08-01-2008, 08:48 PM
Awesome. I'm now a White Sox fan, not that I hated them before. I would like to see the Rays or White Sox now in the series. Gotta say from the AL though, I can't root against the hard working Rays though.

Chi-Town Red
08-01-2008, 10:49 PM
On the night Griffey 2 for 3 ..2 RBI one Run scored and a Walk....His only out he crushed a ball deep to right center but was caught on the warning track...

08-01-2008, 11:56 PM
Watched the entire game...loved it!!! Was nice to watch a real baseball team!

08-02-2008, 06:33 AM
It may take the Sox a few games to see that he can't cover CF as effectively as a few years ago, but at least they know to bat him lower in the line up!

Nice debut Jr, good luck.:beerme:

Chi-Town Red
08-02-2008, 07:22 AM
You have to admit the Sox lineup is pretty intimidating

08-02-2008, 08:38 AM
when your 7 hitter goes 2 for 3 you know your going to win some ball games

Ghosts of 1990
08-02-2008, 08:45 AM
Wow... cant believe all the new found sox fans coming out here. I don't like the Sox and still don't. Griff doesn't look that bad in a Sox uni, not as weird as it would have been in some other places. I'm glad he's gone and we'll be a better team without him.

Chi-Town Red
08-02-2008, 08:49 AM
Im a lifelong Reds fan....over 35 yrs....and a lifelong Griffey fan...now hes playing in my backyard....literally...I can see the upper deck of Sox Park from by back porch!! So im excited just to be able to see an all time great every day!

Until the Reds show they are moving in the right direction, not much to be excited about with them...but i still love the team no matter what!