View Full Version : Dunn excited...

08-12-2008, 12:08 AM
...to be moving to a first-place team in August.

"I had a great time in Cincinnati, but a lot of good things come to an end," Dunn said. "I'm very excited about the opportunity to actually play on a first-place team in August. This is a huge deal for me to be able to play for a first-place team in August."

The D'Backs better hope he responds a little more favorably than he did the first time he was in a pennant race.

In 2006 the Reds were tied for first on the morning of August 25th. From then until the end of the season Adam played in 34 games and posted these numbers:

BA - .168
OPB - .321
SLG - .262
OPS - .583
HR - 2
RBI - 5 :eek:

Better luck this time around, Adam.