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08-17-2008, 05:47 PM
This league is PPR with the following starters: 2 QB, 3 WR, 3 RB, TE, K, 2 DEF

QB - Jay Cutler
QB - Matt Schaub
RB - Reggie Bush
RB - Michael Turner
RB - Chris Johnson
RB - Pierre Thomas
WR - Reggie Wayne
WR - Wes Welker
WR - Lee Evans
WR - Brandon Marshall
WR - Vincent Jackson
WR - DJ Hackett
TE - Vernon Davis
K - Nate Kaeding
DEF - Tampa Bay

I had the #1 pick so I am happy with who I ended up with. I'll have to make a trade or drop someone to pick up a defense before week #1 or I might just go with 1 defense for week #1.


08-20-2008, 10:25 AM
How many teams? I never played a 2qb league, but it seems like you may need more there.

08-20-2008, 12:39 PM
How many teams? I never played a 2qb league, but it seems like you may need more there.

Only 10 teams. This is my 3rd year in this live draft league and every single year QBs go early and often. Brady, Manning, Romo, Roeth, Palmer, Anderson, Brees and McNabb were gone before the 5th round. I have yet to go with that trend to get a QB I really like. Last year I got Romo and Roethlisberger in the 10th and 11th round I think.

I have faith in Cutler and Schaub to take the next step and become top 10 QBs.

08-21-2008, 12:32 AM
I'm in a Keeper league my Keepers were Peterson and Brees and I picked 10th. We also have 10 teams.

Brees, Drew QB NO
Jacobs, Brandon RB NYG
Peterson, Adrian RB MIN
Bowe, Dwayne WR KC
Colston, Marques WR NO
Williams, Roy WR DET
Witten, Jason TE DAL
Graham, Shayne K
Vikings DST

My bench
Bulger, Marc QB STL
Bradshaw, Ahmad RB NYG
Johnson, Rudi RB CIN
Jordan, LaMont RB NE
Ward, Derrick RB NYG
Gaffney, Jabar WR NE
Jackson, DeSean WR PHI
Moss, Santana WR WAS
Giants DST

Jones, Kevin RB CHI