View Full Version : Fantasy Football teams needed!

08-27-2008, 09:38 AM
I set up a Fantasy Football league for anyone who wants to play! It is Yahoos basic head to head. Nothing fancy. The live draft is Saturday, August 30Th at 4:00pm EST. Sorry about having it on Labor Day weekend but I didn't have many choices as I waited so long. If you can't make the draft, you can prerank your players or auto draft.

First timers welcome!! We don't judge or bite:)! Your kids interested in playing (learning)> Sign them up!!!

If you have any questions, please feel free to shoot me a PM.

ID: 497133
Password: redds
League name: RZ Peanut Gallery FB

08-30-2008, 01:53 PM
No takers??:confused: Only 2 hours left!!! If I can't get at least 4 more teams I will have to get rid of it. I don't think it would be all that much fun with just TB and myself...lol!

Johnny Footstool
08-30-2008, 02:56 PM
Sorry, but I'm already in too many leagues.