View Full Version : Three Billings players suspended for fighting

08-27-2008, 11:10 AM
The fallout
By Greg Rachac
Aug 26th, 2008 in 2008

Last night’s near-brawl between the Mustangs and Osprey at Dehler Park brought the Ponies some heavy penalties.

While the team is still waiting for suspensions and fines to officially come down from the Pioneer League, the Cincinnati Reds have levied their own action against some Mustangs players. Outfielder Byron Wiley, catcher Jordan Wideman and relief pitcher Junior Martinez have all been suspended for five games by the organization. Wiley and Wideman have each been sent home for the duration of that time. It is rumored that Martinez may be off the team for good, since he wielded a bat during the scrum before being stopped by Mustangs pitching coach Tom Browning.

The decision to discipline from within the organization was made by Mustangs manager Julio Garcia and Reds director of player development Terry Reynolds.

There is potential that other Mustangs players will be punished by the league later on for their actions in Monday’s brouhaha. Stay tuned.