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08-29-2008, 02:43 AM
I thought we might as well start to look at who makes the squad for the start of the season. My guess is there may be 1 or 2 that are not yet here to make it but I am going to put out what I would like to see when it's all said and done. I do not think Chris Henry counts towards the total so I won't add him in here as a part of it but some kind of cut will have to happen after he's ready to go. If someone knows that not to be the case then please make us aware of it.

Remember this is what I want to see, what do you want to see is my question to you and why if you feel the need.

QB (3)- Palmer, Fitzpatrick, Palmer (I think less of Rowe than him)
RB (3)- Perry, Watson, Dorsey/James Johnson (either of these is fine with me)
FB (1)- Johnson
WR (6)- CJ, TJ, Holt, Simpson, Caldwell, Chatman
TE (3)- Kelly, Utecht, Coates (also backing up @ FB)
OT (4)- Jones, Anderson, Andrews, Collins
OG (4)- Williams, Whitworth (also a 5th OT), Kooistra, Santucci
OC (1)- Ghiacuic and would prefer for them to find a guy who can compete for a starting spot here. LeCharles Bentley still available? If not I go with 1 Center and use that O-Line quality depth at other spots to find a suitable back-up.

K (1) - Graham
P (1) - Larson
LS (1) - St. Louis (wish he could actually play a passable TE)

DT (5) - Thornton, Peko, Myers, Sims, Shirley
DE (4) - Odom, Geathers, Rucker, Fanene
LB (6) - Rivers, Dhani J, Jeanty, Br. Johnson, Blackstock, Mays/Maxwell
S (5) - Jackson, Ndwuke, "Gator" White, Lynch, Hebert
CB (5) - Joseph, Hall, Jones, Oneal, Castille

Notable cuts: Rudi Johnson, Ahmad Brooks, Eric Henderson

Practice Squad Preferences: Just a list of which to choose the practice squad. Mainly because I forget how many we get to keep what with the spot reserved for the European player (LB-Bjork)

RB - James Johnson (assuming Dorsey get's the roster spot)
WR - Urrutia
TE - Sherry
OL - James Blair
DT - Antwan Burton
DE - Angelo Craig
LB - Anthony Hoke, Dan Howell
DB - Don't think Busing or Herana-Daze Jones is eligible.

08-29-2008, 03:50 AM
QB (3)
Carson Palmer
Ryan Fitzpatrick
Jeff Rowe

RB (4)
Chris Perry
Kenny Watson
James Johnson
Jeremi Johnson

WR (6)
Chad Johnson
T.J. Houshmandzadeh
Jerome Simpson
Andre Caldwell
Antonio Chatman
Glenn Holt
Chris Henry

TE (3)
Reggie Kelly
Ben Utecht
Matt Sherry

OL (9)
Levi Jones
Anthony Collins
Stacy Andrews
Willie Andrews
Andrew Whitworth
Bobbie Williams
Scott Kooistra
Eric Ghiaciuc
Dan Santucci

DL (8)
Antwan Odom
Robert Geathers
Jonathan Fanene
Frostee Rucker
Domata Peko
John Thornton
Pat Sims
Jason Shirley

LB (7)
LB Keith Rivers
LB Dhani Jones
LB Ahmad Brooks
LB Darryl Blackstock
LB Brandon Johnson
LB Rashad Jeanty
LB Jim Maxwell

DB (10)
CB Leon Hall
CB Johnathan Joseph
CB David Jones
CB Deltha O'Neal
CB Simeon Castille
FS Marvin White
FS Corey Lynch
SS Dexter Jackson
SS Chinedum Ndukwe
S Herana-Daze Jones
K Shayne Graham
P Kyle Larson
LS Brad St. Louis

Notable cuts/hopeful practice squad additions:
QB Jordan Palmer (too much of a project; perfect for the practice squad)
RB Rudi Johnson (salary cap cut; lost "it")
RB DeDe Dorsey (not a fan; strong gust of wind could tackle him)
FB Daniel Coats (I'm a fan, but there's not enough room)
WR Mario Urrutia (needs more time; good project)
TE Nate Lawrie (brick hands and not an impressive blocker)
G Nate Livings (the other offensive linemen are better)
OT Nate Uperesa (the other offensive linemen are better)
DE Angelo Craig (not enough room)
DE Eric Henderson (I like him, but there's not enough room; I'd be tempted to cut Simeon Castille for him)
DT Michael Myers (just not very good, and the young guys have more potential)
DT Antwan Burton (I'm not a fan)
LB Corey Mays (he and Maxwell are pretty much equal in my mind)
S Kyries Hebert (can make plays, but I think he's prone to penalties)
S John Busing (nice for special teams, but Herana-Daze Jones is just better)

08-29-2008, 12:50 PM
Hebert is prone to penalties? I didn't know that, I seen he had a foolish one the other night but other than that what has he done? I'd hate to cut Sherry but unfortunately I don't know how we can get around it. Perhaps cutting Myers is the thing to do to keep an extra TE but somehow I don't think the Bengals will. Coates IMO is just to valuable with his newly found versatility, he can also backup at FB if need be.

But I think the Bengals will keep Herana-Daze Jones over Hebert but I think that they will end up regretting that they let Hebert go. The last remaining decisions will probably look alot like what we are debating though I think.

The last cuts:
Myers vs. Henderson = With Sims dinged up, Shirley's still overall rawness and Myers having played Zimmers system before I say Hendersons penchant for being hurt well outweighs his upside as a pass rusher. Unless they keep Henderson and play Fanene mainly at DT.

Hebert vs. Daze Jones = I expect they will go with the versatility of Jones but IMO Marvin puts a little too much emphasis on this and doesn't have enough guys who can play just one spot well. When is the last time you seen Daze Jones make a pick and have 5 tackles from the safety spot in a game? The only thing that hurts Hebert cause a little is that Lynch, White and Ndukwe also still have upside so we have some talent in this area making Jones versatility a little more necc.

Sherry vs. Castille = I would like to keep both but I don't think it's possible. I could see this going either way, but Sherry hasn't shown a whole lot to this point and Castille has been pretty good. Sherry is a project and thus wouldn't likely be on anyone's 53 man so I expect he could get cut.

Dorsey vs. James Jones vs. Rudi = Tough call but I think Jones is the only one they can keep if they cut, on the practice squad. And I do think Rudi is done here but I am not 100% positive that is the case. Probably the toughest call.

Rowe vs. Palmer = I think the staff likes Rowe better but frankly he has looked pretty shabby too me. Palmer may not have "it" like his brother does but he has looked ok too me in very limited attempts at passing the ball. I tend to think you may be right but I would rather keep Palmer who's potential is better IMO than Rowe's.

Hoosier Red
08-29-2008, 01:24 PM
Much as it pains me to rail on a Hoosier, if the only thing Jones has going for him is his "versatility" than he should be the one cut. He flat out can not play cornerback.
They could line him up at DT as well, but that doesn't mean he's versatile enough to play line.

08-29-2008, 05:04 PM
Much as it pains me to rail on a Hoosier, if the only thing Jones has going for him is his "versatility" than he should be the one cut. He flat out can not play cornerback.
They could line him up at DT as well, but that doesn't mean he's versatile enough to play line.

Well too be fair he's a key special teams player who does well there. However Hebert is also a good special teamer. The fact that I think Hebert outplays Jones on defense is my case for them to keep Hebert over Jones. What they may do instead is keep them both and put Castille on the practice squad, but something tells me that Castille would be quickly plucked from the waiver wire.

08-30-2008, 02:22 AM
Hebert is prone to penalties? I didn't know that, I seen he had a foolish one the other night but other than that what has he done?

Obviously, I was nitpicking--but I think you have to when the decision comes down to picking only one of Kyries Hebert, Simeon Castille, and John Busing. I just worry that Hebert's excitement could get the best of him and cause another delay of game or unsportsmanship-like conduct penalty.

I like that Castille can play corner, and between Marvin White, Nedu Ndukwe, and Corey Lynch, do the Bengals even need Hebert as a safety? Herana-Daze Jones is probably the superior special teams player, so he's the guy I want to keep.

I like what I've seen from Sherry, but I agree that he's not ready to contribute much. However, with two tight ends the caliber of Reggie Kelly and Ben Utecht, I think he can develop while on the NFL roster. This way, the Bengals don't need to risk losing him. However, if I'm not keeping Sherry, then Coats on the team is a must. He would already be a very difficult cut, but with all the injuries at the wide receiver position, it's extremely hard to make room for him.

09-11-2008, 02:54 AM
Just re-visiting this and to say we had a lot right and was surprised that Deltha and even more so Willie was the odd men out. Very interesting but I think inevitably they may regret letting Willie go. Although they shoul dhave a couple of years ago and kept Steinbach which I wanted at the time but, say la vi.