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11-03-2008, 09:56 AM
"The hard thing there, and the thing that you have to do as a professional football player, is walk away," Lewis said. "There is no retaliation on an NFL football field. You have to walk away. Let him get the penalty; let him get kicked out of the game. It would be first down for us with the ball on their 20-yard line as opposed to third down. We didn't come out of that one very well."

Not sure how Lewis can let Chad get away with showing up Fitzpatrick on the overthrow and then seem to come down on Whitworth for defending himself. I think anyone in Whitworth's situation would have done the exact same thing. I just can't see another coach in the league actually get mad at a player for sticking up for himself before he gets maimed. It's just sad to see Lewis preach playing hard all the time then come down on a guy who actually does play hard.

Hoosier Red
11-03-2008, 10:12 AM
two things are clear;
1. Lewis is right to a degree, you do want the guy to walk away(or at least not throw punches, and get himself kicked out of the game.) The Bengals came out much worse in that scrape. It cost them about 50 yards. Chad's overreaction to the overthrow didn't cost the team anything.

2. Besides, Chad does what Chad does.

By the way, I think it says alot about how good Whitworth was playing in that the running game went to crap when you traded Whitworth for sub, and Henderson for a sub.

11-03-2008, 10:15 AM
Marvin is just saying what he is supposed to say in that situation. No big deal for me. I hope the NFL is hard on Henderson though. He was obviously going after Whitworth with the intent to hurt him. From what Whit said he was swinging at him even before that. If that is the case, hopefully it was caught on camera and Henderson gets a suspension, if the eye poking part isn't enough.

11-03-2008, 10:38 AM
Can someone explain this to me.

The official said during the play illegal hands to the face. After the play we have offsetting personal fouls. To me the Bengals should have the completed pass and the first down. I thought the officials did a poor job of breaking up the fight but the ruling on the field didn't make sense.

11-03-2008, 02:14 PM
I don't put any fault at all on the shoulders of Whitworth. If I'm Whitworth, I would have ripped Henderson's head off, penalty be damned.

Reds Fanatic
11-03-2008, 03:46 PM
Can someone explain this to me.

The official said during the play illegal hands to the face. After the play we have offsetting personal fouls. To me the Bengals should have the completed pass and the first down. I thought the officials did a poor job of breaking up the fight but the ruling on the field didn't make sense.

The way I understand is because of the offsetting penalties whether they occured before, during or after the play the play will always be replayed. So even thought the Jaguars had 2 penalties on that play when Whitworth was called for the penalty that made it offsetting which makes them do the play over. While I totally understand Whitworth defending himself and I don't think too many players could walk away from that I do also get what Marvin is saying. That was a huge penalty. The Bengals had converted on a 3rd and 12 and with the penalties to Jacksonville would have been driving to another score which would have put the game away. Instead they played 3rd down again did not convert and had to punt which lead to a Jacksonville score which was immeditaly followed by another score on Holt's fumble. So this went from a 21-3 game where they would have been driving for a 24-3 or 28-3 lead and just minutes later it was a 21-13 game.

11-07-2008, 04:11 PM
The NFL doesn't seem to care about what Henderson did and only fined him $15,000.

Henderson, Whitworth, Woodley walking fine line from Week 9
Associated Press

Updated: November 7, 2008, 4:05 PM ET

NEW YORK -- The NFL fined four players Friday for on-field actions during last weekend's games, including Jacksonville's John Henderson and Cincinnati's Andrew Whitworth for fighting.

Jaguars defensive tackle Henderson and Bengals guard Whitworth exchanged punches after Henderson knocked off Whitworth's helmet, then appeared to try to gouge his eyes. Both players were penalized and ejected Sunday. They were fined $10,000 apiece on Friday.

Henderson also got an additional $5,000 fine for illegal hands to the face when he struck Whitworth.

"I just pushed him past the quarterback, and he fell to the ground," Whitworth said. "But he held onto my facemask and ripped my helmet off. I turned to go back to the play, and the next thing I knew, I felt him grabbing at my eyeballs. I really didn't know what to do when someone's fingers are trying to dig into my eyes."

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker LaMarr Woodley was fined $10,000 for slamming Washington quarterback Jason Campbell to the ground in Monday night's game. Campbell banged his head on the turf when hit.

New York Giants defensive end Justin Tuck was fined $7,500 for his hit on Dallas quarterback Brooks Bollinger.


11-07-2008, 05:32 PM
Whitworth is not happy with the NFL:

Whitworth: I'm sickened'
November 7, 2008

Updated 4:55 p.m.

The agent for Andrew Whitworth plans to appeal the $10,000 fine the NFL levied Friday for fighting and his client said he was "embarrassed," for the NFL after it gave Jaguars defensive tackle John Henderson the same penalty.

Henderson also got a $10,000 fine and no suspension even though TV replays and witnesses recorded Henderson trying to gouge Whitworth's eyes after he tore off his helmet during Sunday's 21-19 win over Jacksonville at Paul Brown Stadium. Several other Bengals were also apparently fined for being near the fight.

"I'm embarrassed for the league that I play in that they could come to that decision after that guy physically attacked me," Whitworth said from Louisiana, where he is spending the Bengals' bye week. "For them to give us the same penalty is absolutely unbelievable. The guy had two infractions on the play and that's not even counting the play before when he threw a punch at me. I felt like the NFL turned their back on me today."

Both were ejected after the play late in the third quarter. Whitworth was tossed for fighting when he threw some punches to get away from Henderson's hold on his head. Whitworth said throwing the punches was the only way he could protect his eyes from Henderson's attack.

"What I don't understand is I represent the league the way they want players to represent the league," Whitworth said. "I'm in the community every Tuesday. I'm never late for meetings and for practices and I do what my coaches tell me. And here I can't even get any protection on the field from the league when a guy violently attacks me? I'm sickened."

"There were guys on their team that texted me after the game that said they were sorry and he was wrong," Whitworth said. "I didn't hear their head coach defend him. I didn't his owners defend him."

Agent Steve Colson said that Bengals ownership as well as head coach Marvin Lewis spoke to the league in Whitworth's defense.

"I don't know who is watching tape in the NFL office, but if they're trying to send a message, they're sending it to the wrong kid," Colson said. "I'm appalled. It's horrible."

Whitworth said his teammates were just trying to protect him.

"They didn't want to get in a fight. That wasn't their intent," Whitworth said. "But when they saw what the guy was doing to me, they were trying to help me get out of there."


11-07-2008, 09:48 PM
I agree that Whitworth should have been fined, but I also find it ridiculous that Whitworth's fine was almost equal to Henderson's. It's a shame.

Bip Roberts
11-11-2008, 09:17 AM
Its just the NFL not being consistent again. Wait until Shirley gets his suspension that many other players havent got because it happened in college.