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11-04-2008, 11:21 AM
Its that time of year again. I love UC Football, but UC Basketball holds a special place in my heart. Obviously, the Reds are number 1, but Bearcats Basketball is a close 2nd to me. That said, UC has had some trouble putting a competitive team on the floor. I think we will see that start to get better, but they still aren't the type of team most of us are looking for. They are a much better team this year than in the past couple years, but that may not show in the record this year if for no other reason than the Big East is a beast of a basketball conference this year.

I have heard a lot of talk about how its time that we should be seeing results from Mick. The biggest know on him from others is that he has had 3 years of recruiting and still doesn't have a PG. I tend to look at it differently. I don't think he is in a phase to recruit based on needs because players aren't flocking towards the program like they used to. I think he is recruiting based on talent. He wants the best talent he can get reguardless of position. I think that is what he has called phase 1. Phase 2 of building starts after you get a core of players and can start looking for other players to complement that talent. Role players. We are still probably 2 years from a team that will be to a level that Mick is looking for. It could happen sooner if everything works right, but he needs to get this program back on the map for recruits.

As for this season, I think you will see a team who can play decent defense, but will be lacking offensively. Deonta Vaughn desperately needs someone to take the pressure off of him and become a second scoring threat. A couple players have the talent to do that, but they will need to learn the college game quickly. Mike Williams should be a huge help to this team though, and there should be more of an inside game than the last couple of years. If I was to put a bet on it, I would put them around .500 overall and 9th in the conference. There are just a lot of talented teams in the Big East.

Go Bearcats!

11-04-2008, 12:16 PM
I think the greatest part of this team is going to be their athleticism. They have so many guys who can dunk, and run. I don't expect to see the old press defense quite yet, but we may see it at times in close games.

John Reik is the biggest prospect in Bearcat history. Reik is 7, 2 and a monster. He would be in the NBA right now, except he got hurt. I think this takes away a lot of questions about UC's depth on the inside, especially with a healthy Mike Williams. Steven Toyloy is a great rebounder, and lead JUCO in rebounds as a freshman. I like him off the bench, and would expect to see games with Reik at center, Williams at the 4, and Toyloy at the 4. Certainly without Cashmere Wright, it will be harder to spread the floor, but we do have an All-Big East performer at point guard.

11-04-2008, 01:23 PM
Anyone have access to extra two tickets for UC - WV basketball tickets Feb. 26th that are not too costly?

11-04-2008, 02:26 PM
Not too excited about this UC season. College basketball is college basketball and I will probably watch UC and OSU but Cronin disappointed me last season. With the exception of Vaughn UC will be very very inexperienced. The loss of Wright hurts based upon what he could have brought to the club but how many years had we heard that UC's incoming PG was the next Van Exel? Last season Cronin had the ability to play his freshman and he didn't play them enough. It would have been nice to see McClain, Bishop, Wilks, Mitchel, and Belton all get as much playing time as possible. Unfortunately he went with his Juco guys and left his big east recruits to ride the pine. I think the loss of Belton will hurt the team more than people think because he already has a developed inside frame.

Reik will be interesting to watch because he won't start with the team until December. I hope he doesn't bolt after his first year. I am kind of reminded of Koufos with Reik. A big guy who has the height that can land them a first round pick when they aren't ready. Hopefully this year we will see some promise. The Big East will be stacked and UC will have a tough time winning. Vaughn will help but he can't be forced to do everything, which I fear will happen.

11-04-2008, 02:40 PM
"Anyone have access to extra two tickets for UC - WV basketball tickets Feb. 26th that are not too costly?"

Why don't you just buy them for for face value from UC? I'm pretty sure they have alot left.

11-04-2008, 03:14 PM
"Anyone have access to extra two tickets for UC - WV basketball tickets Feb. 26th that are not too costly?"

Why don't you just buy them for for face value from UC? I'm pretty sure they have alot left.They're not selling them for single games like that yet. That's Bob's comeback game, and the easiest sellout of the year. It'll be harder t oget tickets for that then the shootout. I'm a student, and planning on camping out for that game. They are selling tickets to multiple games, that includes that game, if that's the route you plan to go.

The UC ticket website is catstix.com (http://www.catstix.com).