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11-23-2008, 09:35 AM
Overall/105 years UM 4-0-1 Michigan leads, 57-42-6
Last 100 years UM 9-0-1 Michigan leads, 42-53-5
Last 90 years UM 6-4 Michigan leads, 42-44-4
Last 80 years OSU 6-4 Tied, 38-38-4
Last 70 years UM 7-2-1 Michigan leads, 32-34-4
Last 60 years OSU 5-4-1 Ohio State leads, 30-27-3
Last 50 years OSU 7-3 Ohio State leads, 25-23-2
Last 40 years UM 5-4-1 Michigan leads, 18-20-2
Last 30 years Tie 5-5 Michigan leads, 14-15-1
Last 20 years UM 7-2-1 Michigan leads, 9-10-1
Last 10 Years OSU 7-3 Ohio State leads, 7-3

Team OSU Mich
National Titles 7 11
Heisman Winners 7 3
Bowl Appearances 39 38
BCS Bowl Appearances 6 4
Rose Bowl Games 13 20
All-Americans 177 75
Big Ten Titles 33 42

Mich dominated the action early, but it has been evenly matched since then. Very interesting that tOSU has such a dominate lead on All-Americans.


11-23-2008, 11:11 AM
IMO, it seems like historically the Buckeyes have always had better overall talent. Sure, some Wolverines here and there were exceptional talent(s), but as a whole it seems that the Buckeyes just recruit better and in turn end up with a higher caliber level of talent.

That being said, it seems like the Lloyd's and Bo's teams played more as teams, than most of Cooper teams or Bruce teams or Woody's teams. Recently, it seems like Tressel's reversed that trend to where he had his Buckeyes playing largely as a team, as opposed to just showcasing the top talent.

IMO, tOSU vs Michigan remains to be the premier college rivalry, and perhaps even one of the best rivalries of any sport, at any level.