View Full Version : Last good deed you did?

11-29-2008, 06:46 PM
The past two days I have done two good deeds to strangers and it felt really good. I was just curious what was your last good deed that you did and how did it make your feel?

Here are my two.... today I caught a loose dog and called the owner to come and get him and then turned down the offer of a reward. The other one is I was shopping and saw a kid maybe 8 years old crying and I asked if he lost his mommy and he said yes so I told him to stay where he was and got a clerk to come over and take the kid to customer service to call his mom on the intercom. I know these were no big deal but both really made me feel good.

12-03-2008, 07:09 PM
OK, this isn't exactly the last 'good deed I did' but it is one of the most memerable and one that I get a laugh out of....

A couple of years ago I was going into the grocery store and there was an elderly woman looking a little lost and confused by the pay phone. She asked me if I knew the number for a local cab company because she needed to take a cab to get home with her groceries. As luck would have it I did know the number for the cab company and I gave it to her and went into the store to do my shopping.

When I came out the woman was still there so I asked if there was a problem and she said that she couldn't get a cab to come for her and she was getting very tired. I asked her where she lived (Newport Beach is a relatively small community) and she told me. I told her that she didn't live all that far from me and I would be happy to take her and her groceries home. She agreed and so we loaded up all of our things and went on our way.

Now, I drive a convertible and it was summer at the beach so I had the top down and we simply put our food in behind the seats. She loved the convertible and spent the drive telling me about her and her husband driving around the Newport area in the '40's and '50's in a convertible---unfortunately, he had passed away a number of years ago. She was very charming and interesting and I enjoyed the conversation.

Well, we got to her house (on Balboa Island where parking is very tight) and I had to let her out while I was double parked on a very narrow street. She said she would get everything herself and she didn't want me to get a ticket by double parking. OK, so she pulled her groceries out from behind the seats, we said good-bye and I went home.

Well, I get to my home and I go to get my groceries and there's nothing there! Granny grabbed the goods!! :D

So, I drive back to about where I dropped her off and, after talking to a couple of neighbors, I finally find her house. I knock on the door and ask her about my groceries. At first she didn't seem to remember me but then later she said, 'I wondered why I had all of those things that I never buy!'

Anyway, no harm and no foul and I felt good about helping her. It took me about an extra hour that day but I still get a chuckle out of being 'conned by the Granny Grocery Bandit'. :lol: I know she didn't mean it and it was unintentional but I kind of like to tell the story on myself. :)