View Full Version : Anyone know any moms age 30 or younger? (Need help for a marketing project)

11-30-2008, 04:08 PM
I am doing a project with P&G's Pampers brand and I need to get some market research from the demo. I can't really get any more specific than that, but if anyone has a wife/girlfriend, sister, etc and can ask them or actually is a mom that fits the description below... it would be appreciated.

It's pretty simple, a CDA, or consumer disclosure agreement, must be signed and returned to me via mail and then there is the questionnaire. It is a light questionnaire, about 25 questions (20 minutes to complete or so), and it really is just designed to give us the insights into what we are proposing (which are not exactly all spelled out in the questionnaire.) Requirements to participate are:
30 or younger and a mom to a baby in diapers or a baby recently wearing diapers.
Can fill out the questionnaire by tonight.
Neither she or anyone in her household are employed in a marketing or market research firm, marketing or market research department of a company, advertising agency, baby care manufacturer, graphic or package design firm, or a media company.For completing the questionnaire and mailing the signed CDA back to me, I would send $8 to their PayPal account tonight. While it is with a company, I am still a student and this is a project done with other students so it should be pretty tame.

If anyone can help me out tonight, please PM me. With the holidays, it has been hard getting in touch with everyone I was scheduled to talk with so any help would be appreciated. I really need one more participant, but two more would be fine too. I know it's short notice but a few things fell through for me and if you know anyone that can do it tonight, they would be helping me and my team out a great deal as well as making a few bucks pretty quickly.


(EDIT: I'd be emailing from my University of Dayton email.)

11-30-2008, 04:48 PM
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11-30-2008, 07:38 PM
PM me, my wife is under 30, and we have 2 in diapers.