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12-18-2008, 11:53 AM
even at age 42 and for 1 season only i would love to see up the middle combo of brandon phillips and omar vizquel play defense i know people well say vizquel is too old but i still think even at 42 hes better defensively then anyone reds have right now at ss

12-18-2008, 11:56 AM
is this based on his reputation? or what you have personally seen?

12-18-2008, 12:05 PM
i seen him play some but its probally alittle bit of both at age 42 i worry about health like any ball player but i wouldnt offer him a huge money or long contract thats why i said for 1 year only i just feel like for 1 year and reds talking defense he would be worth the risk if money was right and only 1yr which i think at his age 1yr is what he will end up with

12-18-2008, 12:36 PM
Unless a deal for a good young shortstop comes around that is simply too good to pass up the Reds probably won't be making a move at the shortstop position this off-season until late in spring training, if at all. One would think they are going to give either Gonzalez or Keppinger every chance to nail down the position. Both had injury problems in '08, but the thinking has to be that at least one of them will be fully recovered by the start of the '09 season (IMO Keppinger never fully recovered in '08). WJ has to be hoping to get a productive season out of at least one of them; which, in turn, would not tie up resources required to address other needs.

A quick thought or two about (in defense of) Jeff Keppinger. There is sizable number of people who feel that JK is nothing more than a bench player. The thinking goes that prolonged playing time will 'expose' his weaknesses. That may eventually prove to be the case. But I feel the jury is still out on that. Here is why I feel that way. When Keppinger was injured on May 13th (was that a Friday?) he was OPSing .819. At that point in his career he had played in 161 games and had put up a .806 OPS in over 600 PA. These are very respectable numbers for a shortstop. When he came back roughly six weeks later the decline in his batting and fielding was quite evident. Now either the injury affected him more than people are willing to admit or pitchers figured out how to pitch Jeff (he became 'exposed') while he was on injured reserve. I am going with the former.

Now if spring training shows that neither Gonzalez nor Keppinger are ready, then I can see WJ making a deal before the start of the season, probably to bring in a defensive-minded stopgap for one year.