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02-24-2009, 02:01 PM
I hope someone here has two cents or more to add...

I discovered termites swarming in the garage last spring and discovered 50-100 holes they had drilled into the back wall only. Had two companies come do inspections in the past month and give estimates on treatment plans. No evidence of termites was found anywhere in the house or on any of the other three walls of the garage.

Company A recommended the entire house be treated by trenching outside and drilling holes in the garage and basement floors. Product used would be Termidor, a very popular non-repellant treatment that serves as a bait that the bugs share with one another before dying of its poison. Although the garage foundation is concrete blocks (house basement is poured concrete), no mention was made of drilling into the hollow spaces in the blocks in the garage. Entire house treatment cost: $825 with one-year warranty and $75/year for yearly warranty thereafter. Partial treatment (garage only) not recommended by inspector.

Company B recommended that the entire perimeter of the garage (but only the garage) be treated by trenching outside and drilling holes into the garage floor and also drilling two holes into each concrete block in the foundation. No mention of product to be used. Garage is attached to house with a small 4' x 12' breezeway. Garage perimeter (including breezeway) treatment cost: $475. Entire house treatment cost: $1,100 with no mention of warranty on either treatment plan. Rationale behind garage-only treatment: no sign of termites anywhere except that one back garage wall so entire house treatment not necessary.

Trust is not a concern with either company, as both have solid reputations. Company B, although vague about product used and no warranty being mentioned, is a mom and pop local company that has been in business for 30+ years and has the trust of many in the city/county.

Which way should I go?

Is the fact that Company A mentioned no plans to drill into each garage foundation block a cause for concern?

Is the fact that Company B recommends only a partial/spot treatment a cause for concern?

02-24-2009, 03:02 PM
Wow, I like killing bugs, but I am unsure on that one.

With Termites you need to keep after them. I would probably call A and ask them about what B said. Does A offer annual inspection to go with that warranty?