View Full Version : My last nights thoughts.

04-09-2009, 11:23 AM
Good things:

-Vottos go ahead HR. Definitely needed that after falling early.

-I dont have any other good things until the 7th inning.

-Taveras came in on his debut and was clutch with a triple. I liked that. Get healthy soon and show me some more:)

-Showed heart that we made a little late run to get back in the game. Which im sure lots of us werent expecting.

Besides lincoln the rest of the bullpen was lights out. Thats a plus.

BAd things:

-Vottos Hr. Reminded me a lot of last years reds. Only way we score any runs is if someone goes deep. And up until the 7th inning it looked like thats the way it was going to stay.

-AGON. Cmon man. First you bobble a routine dble play. Than the supposed far superior SS cant get over to the slow grounder through the middle and at least knock it down to save a run. Than looked pretty terrible at the plate. Especially in the 9th when we really needed some contact at least.

-Volquez. Hopefully this was just a funk night for him. He threw his stereo typical way to a T last night. Running counts deep. Losing battles, serving one up every once in awhile. He needs to bounce back and fast.

-Lincoln. I thought we had high hopes for this guy. He didnt impress me one bit. We all have bad nights. Lets hope it was just one of those for him as well. If not bring up somebody else.

-Jay bruce: bone head looking play in the outfield. That just looked terribly clumsy.

-NIX >? Who>? Please explain to me dustys thinking in playing him last night. Im obviously missing something.

2 games down and were already 2 games back. Lots of baseball to go. But thus far it doesnt look promising.

Lets all hope the mets are just that good. :rolleyes:

04-09-2009, 12:55 PM
Votto is looking really good, going to left with the Homer says to me he is not trying to pull everything.

Agon is behind, recovering, and probably should not be touching field yet.

hey Jay wake up!!!!

Remember it's just game #2 While Harang looked solid, Volquez looked a little sloppy as did the rest of the defense last night