View Full Version : Reds Bullpen questions

05-10-2009, 04:19 PM
1. What is the situation with Bray? The last few outings by Herrera have me wondering when we can send him back to Louisville.

2. Any guesses at why Jared Burton seems to be struggling? He was very solid two years ago and after a slow start last year came around. But this year he just doesn't look nearly as good as he has previously.

I think our pen has been great all season. Massett has been a nice surprise to me and obviously Weathers, Rhodes and Cordero have pitched well. Who do we have in the minors that could possibly help us in the pen this year?

05-10-2009, 06:38 PM
I've been wondering about Bray as well, I believe he is injured (per usual.) Dusty has used DRH a lot, I expected him to strictly be a LOOGY. Either way, he is missing the strike zone way to much to be effective and has given up his share of hits. He seems due for a major ERA adjustment. I know Viola is pitching lights out in Louisville and if a change is made I'm sure he'd be the one called up.

According to FSN's gun he was topping out at 89. I remember him throwing around 93 during his time with the Reds. Welsh was questioning if something was physically wrong with him after watching him air mail a couple of pitches way up and outside, the gun still showing 89. If the radar gun is right I think the answer is there.

It's a shame Mike Lincoln was signed to a two year contract, he has been really bad since the all star break last year and Fisher or Roenicke are available for his spot.