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05-15-2009, 12:09 PM
I thought they only did this for football. :cool:

Week 7:

Toronto 1. Toronto Blue Jays (23-14; Previous: 2) – In first 34 games, Jays played three in AL East – all at home against the Orioles. In college football, that’s known as “service academy month.”

Boston 2. Boston Red Sox (21-14; Previous: 3) – Given Manny revelation, Sox reluctantly have ’04, ’07 trophies tested for possible contamination.

Los Angeles 3. Los Angeles Dodgers (24-12; Previous: 1) – All things being equal, Dodgers would have preferred the fake knee injury, which would have cost Manny only a week or two, or the traveling secretary toss, which would have meant a few headlines and a short, transparent apology.

Chicago 4. Chicago Cubs (20-14; Previous: 6) – Ryan Freel(notes) explains stories of imaginary friend “Farney” were greatly exaggerated, says invisible pal batted only against left-handers and even then had trouble with sliders, but was great company on bus trips.

St. Louis 5. St. Louis Cardinals (21-14; Previous: 4) – Cards have fielded 10 rookies already, bench beginning to look like a wayward class from Gateway Arch field trip.

Philadelphia 6. Philadelphia Phillies (16-16; Previous: 5) – Good news: Cole Hamels(notes) making regular starts again. Bad news: Between-starts bubble wrap causing slight rash on chest and thighs.

New York 7. New York Mets (18-15; Previous: 11) – So far for Paul Byrd(notes) no calls from Mets, other clubs with rotation holes. Byrd tells Yahoo! Sports, “I’m washed up, like Mickey Rourke in ‘The Wrestler.’ ”

Kansas City 8. Kansas City Royals (18-17; Previous: 7) – Not so fast: Royals lose five in a row, Luke Hochevar(notes) implodes, manager Trey Hillman wonders, “You know, if, just askin’, Byrd’s doin’ anything in five days?”

Tampa Bay 9. Tampa Bay Rays (16-20; Previous: 8) – Big Papi sees himself and Manny in Longoria and Pena. Also sees Sox logo in morning cereal, Francona profile in stray maple leaf, Pesky in grain of fungo bat.

Milwaukee 10. Milwaukee Brewers (21-14; Previous: 12) – Brewers lead NL in home runs, big-headed mascot has already gone through three pairs of pants.

Los Angeles 11. Los Angeles Angels (18-15; Previous: 14) – Saunders on A-Rod: “It’s over for him.” A-Rod on Saunders: Who’s Saunders?

New York 12. New York Yankees (17-17; Previous: 10) – Yankees reconsider moat separating high-end seats from ridiculously priced seats. And by “reconsider,” mean filling it with saltwater and hammerhead sharks.

Florida 13. Florida Marlins (17-18; Previous: 9) – Loria ranks fourth in SI list of worst owners, vows to systematically knock off Glass, Hicks and Angelos in coming months.

Cincinnati 14. Cincinnati Reds (20-14; Previous: 18) – Micah Owings(notes), for a night, a better pitcher than hitter. On other hand, was still a better hitter than chemist, fortune cookie writer or sommelier.

Texas 15. Texas Rangers (20-14; Previous: 17) – AL teams with a higher ERA than the Texas Rangers as of mid-week: Red Sox, Twins and, by a lot, Yankees. Those clubs immediately fold franchises.

San Francisco 16. San Francisco Giants (18-15; Previous: 19) – Barry Zito(notes) showing some life, should be completely back to what Giants thought he might be by 2012.

Detroit 17. Detroit Tigers (17-16; Previous: 21) – Jim Leyland has dropped Magglio Ordonez(notes) in the lineup and benched him in late innings with a lead. Next resort: Have him go stand next to Dontrelle Willis(notes).

Minnesota 18. Minnesota Twins (18-17; Previous: 15) – Life in Minneapolis looking familiar again: Mauer’s back, Liriano’s winning and Blyleven’s eating earthworms.

Seattle 19. Seattle Mariners (16-19; Previous: 13) – Junior leads kangaroo court, declines to reveal fine for homecoming superstars batting .212.

Chicago 20. Chicago White Sox (15-18; Previous: 16) – Bobby Jenks(notes) says, yes, he threw behind Ian Kinsler(notes), fined for backing own hitters safely, sanely and entirely appropriately. MLB message: Get your money’s worth, Bobby.

Atlanta 21. Atlanta Braves (17-17; Previous: 20) – Streaker at Citi Field a nice change of pace for Braves, who are 5-9 at Turner Field and therefore more used to getting undressed there.

Oakland 22. Oakland A’s (13-18; Previous: 22) – A’s off to such a bad start Brad Pitt threatening to come down and overturn postgame spread. Of course, it might not be that believable.

Houston 23. Houston Astros (16-18; Previous: 27) – Hitting coach Sean Berry texts Hunter Pence(notes) about patience while recovering from cancer surgery. Seriously, Hunter, take a pitch and let’s get the guy some sleep.

Cleveland 24. Cleveland Indians (14-22; Previous: 23) – Carl Pavano(notes) has three wins. A partial list of pitchers who don’t have three wins: Um, Sabathia, Burnett, Chamberlain, uh, Wang …

Pittsburgh 25. Pittsburgh Pirates (14-20; Previous: 24) – Frank Coonelly “quite frankly offended” by Post-Gazette suggestion that Freddy Sanchez(notes) was benched to protect the club from an $8.5 million vesting option for 2010. Pirates fans are offended by everything else, quite frankly.

Arizona 26. Arizona Diamondbacks (13-22; Previous: 25) – A.J. Hinch gets manager job in part because GM Josh Byrnes says he understands “organizational advocacy.” Hinch says he’ll “connect the organization uniquely from top to bottom.” Also considered: The man spits one helluva sunflower seed.

San Diego 27. San Diego Padres (13-22; Previous: 26) – Jake Peavy(notes) goes a month without winning, lineup won’t hit, bottom falls out of hot start, town hasn’t even hit June gloom yet.

Colorado 28. Colorado Rockies (13-20; Previous: 28) – Owner Dick Monfort backs manager Clint Hurdle so far, doesn’t, however, mention Bud Black, Eric Wedge, Joe Girardi or Manny Acta.

Baltimore 29. Baltimore Orioles (15-20; Previous: 29) – Over-the-top, anti-Joba fist pump has Yankee fans thinking Aubrey Huff(notes) might look good in moat.

Washington 30. Washington Nationals (11-21; Previous: 30) – Stephen Strasburg throws no-hitter, Nationals count that as complete game in their pitching stats.

Full Story (http://sports.yahoo.com/mlb/news;_ylt=AvvXDJAphJYy.dunIvw9Q005nYcB?slug=ti-powerrankings051409&prov=yhoo&type=lgns)

05-15-2009, 12:13 PM
ESPN also has us at 14.


05-15-2009, 12:23 PM
Interesting that only 5 teams in all of baseball have a better record but they are only good enough for 14th in the Power Rankings.

05-15-2009, 12:27 PM
Is there any math behind it, or just an opinion?

05-15-2009, 12:29 PM
Is there any math behind it, or just an opinion?

I'm pretty sure it's all opinion.

05-15-2009, 12:36 PM
Is there any math behind it, or just an opinion?I think the comments show the seriousness of "analysis." But honestly, these things are pretty useless and is something anyone that follows the game could do objectively.

05-15-2009, 12:38 PM
Heck, they've got 3 teams with LOSING RECORDS ahead of us. Yeah, I'd say it was opinion. Not to mention east coast bias.

05-15-2009, 02:12 PM
the best of this genre, in my opinion, are Larry Dobrow's weekly efforts at sportsline. Mostly because of his write-ups. Which are snarky fun. A sample of this week's (he has the Reds 11th btw):


Seattle---That whole "the Mariners are pretty OK!" thing? Never mind ... It was inevitable that they'd stop hitting, given that their lineup boasts a mere three legit major-league bats. What I didn't anticipate was the pitching staff breaking down quite this soon ... Carlos Silva (imaginary shoulder inflammation) wins the invent-an-injury-so-you-can-disable-a-head-case derby, edging out Oliver Perez (imaginary bad knee), Dontrelle Willis (imaginary sadness) and Chien-Ming Wang (imaginary indeterminate malfunction of body part located somewhere between earlobe and pinky toe). Would it kill teams to be a little more creative here? During college, whenever I bumped into somebody I'd been blowing off, I wouldn't say, "I would've called, but I've been sooooo stressed and sooooo busy with studying." I'd say, "I tripped down the stairs the other day." The offended party seemed to appreciate the inventive line of B.S.


Cleveland---They violated the cardinal rule of team meetings, which is "only hold one on the day your ace is slated to pitch" ... Lotsa hard-luck losses last week and all, especially the one swiped away in the ninth inning by Curtis Granderson, but it's May 12 and they're 12-21. There are only so many excuses ... Here are three words I never thought I'd string together: "Carl Pavano, stopper" ... Fausto Carmona apparently won't be talking with reporters again this year -- which is a terrible shame, as the world will sink into a miasma of darkness and ignorance without regular updates about the grip on his sinker.

05-26-2009, 02:56 PM
Sportsline's latest has the Reds at number 14.

They're managing to stay in most games on the strength of their starters, but without Joey Votto and Brandon Phillips the Reds' offense should be mentioned alongside those of the Giants and Padres ... Homer Bailey just turned 23. I realize he's been more Nuke LaLoosh than Mike Mussina so far, but we should probably hold off on the obituaries.

The Cubs are at 16. Here's the blurb for them.

Lou Piniella is going to explode any minute now ... When any other player yells "the umps are out to get me!," you simply increase the Thorazine by 20 mg. and call it an afternoon. When Milton Bradley does so, you have Navy SEALs escort the umps to the bases and position snipers atop the Jumbotron ... There are people openly speculating that the Cubs should promote 19-year-old third baseman Josh Vitters, a touted draft pick currently instilling the fear of God in single-A pitchers, straight up to the majors. There is a word that aptly describes such people, and it is "stupid" ... "Alfonso Soriano to second base" will sound like a terrific idea up until the moment he attempts to turn a double play and blows out five knees in the process.

05-26-2009, 03:40 PM
His stuff on the Brewers:

Assuming the Padres come down to earth and put Jake Peavy back on the market, Milwaukee would seem to be an ideal place for him to land. The Brewers have the prospects to get him, if not the will to absorb his elephantine contract ... The analyst for Sunday night's Brewers/Twins broadcast was decent enough to inform me that J.J. Hardy wasn't in the starting lineup due to -- and I quote this verbatim -- "an injury." Do you have any idea how diligently these guys work to cultivate sources able to convey information with such specificity? Journalism is hard.

and this bit on the Mets was fun:

This is the kind of road trip the Metsies just concluded: I was at LaGuardia airport when the team plane touched down on Sunday night. The players practically spilled onto the runway, kissing the ground as if they'd been locked up abroad and endured the vagaries of the Peruvian criminal-justice system ... They might be good or they might be bad. Half the time, they play with guile and precision. The other half, they play like a bunch of guys who weren't introduced until five minutes before the first pitch ... If they plan on getting themselves in position for another supreme September choke, now's the time to do it. Their next four series are against the Nationals, Marlins, Pirates and then the Nationals again.