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05-15-2009, 04:53 PM
@ Yardbarker...

What's up guys? sorry I've been MIA from the site. The start of a new season can be kind of hectic. Time has been flying though, which is a good thing. I'm sure it has something to do with us getting off to a really good start. It's been a blast so far this season because we've been having fun, which I think has a lot to do with winning. So, you heard it here first, watch out for the reds this year, because I think we are going to surprise some people! How about the NBA playoffs? Obviously the Cavs are doin their thing, and will continue to do their thing by taking it all home, but as far as the other series that are going on, there have been some interesting ones. Bulls-Celtics was fun to watch. The Bulls made it a lot more interesting than I thought they would. Also, the Lakers better wake up for game 7 or there might be a huge upset! I do have to say I'd like to see the Rockets steal it from them just because I live in Houston haha, but taking everything into consideration, everyone needs to see a Cavs-Lakers championship series. That way, Lebron can continue to prove to people that before long, he'll be the best player in the NBA. I still have to give the edge to Kobe at this point, but Lebron isn't far off. So, I hope you guys enjoy this, and I also want to thank everyone for all the support and for being fans of the reds and myself. I'm going to start being more active on the site, so stay tuned!

Nothing ground breaking other than someone needs to get him a new keyboard with a "Enter" key. ;)