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05-16-2009, 12:55 AM
It's sad that Aaron Harang doesn't really pitch well in his home town (lately anyway). The guy's a warrior, but when he's bad, and he was bad in the 6th and 7th innings, he throws batting practice. Never mind that a pitcher with a 5.06 ERA pretty much shut the Reds down (remember, 2 runs came on a misplayed ball) and the Reds went back to their old habits, swinging away at bad balls early in the count and getting only six hits.

The chemistry the Reds seemed to have had with Rosales at third and Hairston at shortstop seemed to go away tonight. There was Gonzalez back in the lineup getting a gift double and a walk, but not driving the ball. Hairston was clearly our of his element at third and ended up equally out of sorts at the plate, going 0-4. IMHO, I would go back to Hairston at short and Rosales at third tomorrow and leave Gonzo on the bench. Why this organizatgion overvalues him like they do is beyone me. And no, it's not the reason they lost, but the team has a whole different look without Gonzalez. Call it what you want.

It's only one game and tomorrow's a new day. The Reds can still have a 5-1 road trip, even if Peavy is starting on Sunday.

Ron Madden
05-16-2009, 04:52 AM
Dusty should've PH for Harang with two runners on base. :(

I like the Reds chances with Edison going in game 2 and Jake Peavy shouldn't scare anyone away from betting on the Reds in Sudays game.

Pete Rose

05-16-2009, 09:57 AM
Marty and Cowboy (and several on here) have said that Harang had a 'bad outing' tonight. I disagree.

I think Harang was just fine after 6 innings. Reds were up 3 to 2. Harang had thrown 97 pitches, and was clearly struggling tonight. The ump had a very small zone (for both teams). At that point, when his turn to hit came in the top of the 7th, we should have seen a pinch hitter. Had Dusty made that move, we might have kept the inning going or scored a run or two.

Instead, Harang went from having a Quality Start (2 runs allowed in 6 innings) to giving up 5 runs in 6 and a third. At the least, Dusty should have pulled him after the lead off single.

Of course, I do recognize that hindsight is 20-20, but I immediately thought it was a mistake to let Harang hit for himself.

I went to bed early and just watched the condensed game (without knowing the result). When I saw Harang at bat in the 7th, I also knew it was trouble.
I also knew that there was NO way Baker pulls Harang for a PH there. It is not his style. He'll make the same call every time.

Drives me nuts, because in terms of the trade off: a max of one inning from a rested middle reliever (Burton/Lincoln/Masset?) vs. a tiring starter; it seems like small price for much upgraded critical AB in a very close game.

But a lot of managers are wired like this (Miley was a recent example). It's genetic.
Or maybe it traces back to when they were rookie managers and making that move (pulling the starter) backfired.

...and it drives me nuts.

05-16-2009, 10:32 AM
There are guys on opposing teams that I just can't stand to watch beat us. Heath Bell is one of them. From his funky mechanics, from being a fat guy who walks/runs on his tippy toes, to his demeanor on the mound, the guy just annoys me irrationally. I wanted nothing more than to be the first team to get to him this year.

But while we're talking Heath Bell, he is clearly their best reliever, yet had pitched a dozen or so innings, and had appeared in 1 inning on the 0-6 roadtrip. You read about the Pads problems, and it is their bullpen overall. So, Bud Black isn't smart enough to find situations and innings for his best arm out of the pen when that is the team's weakness, waiting to pop him in the game with a lead in the 9th. It is that type of mindless managing that makes me hope that someone with no experience like A.J. Hinch becomes successful with unconventional means. Not that I know what his philosophies are, other than that they will probably be whatever Josh Byrnes says they are :D, but it would be so refreshing to see a manager who is thinking about things instead of being just another drone, using the contemporary bullpen model with middle relievers, early setup, late setup, closer.

So, to keep a long post going, I will give Dusty a compliment on one thing. I agree he should have hit for Harang there, but at least he had the sense to bring in Rhodes and Weathers an inning early when the game was on the line. It didn't work out, but he did bring in the right guys, even though it was only the 7th. I know a lot of managers who would not have brought in their "setup" guys in the 7th because of their drone status.

05-16-2009, 11:58 AM
For those saying the Padres are the worst team in baseball and it's embarrassing to lose to them, you guys need to remember that they just came off a 6 game losing streak on the road and they've only played 15 home games so far. At home, they're 9-6. 5-16 on the road. A tale of two teams if you ask me.