View Full Version : 3 catchers on the roster a good move?

Captain Hook
05-23-2009, 03:17 PM
In past seasons it has really bothered me that the Reds always kept 3 catchers on the roster.Mostly because they were terrible.

This season however we have 2 guys that are pretty good.If Hanigan isn't going to play more it would be great to see him get more pinch hit chances or a double switch with the catcher.Dusty seems like he won't use Hanigan even though he is the best option with the game on the line.I understand that most coaches do this with there 2nd catcher.

I don't follow the minor league guys that much but don't we have a guy that is at a pretty high level in our system that catches and can play multiple IF positions?

I'm just saying that with Hernandez and Hanigan it might not be a bad idea to carry 3 catchers.