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06-02-2009, 10:36 AM
Record is 27-23 after 6-4 stretch. 13-12 at home (better) and 14-11 on road (worse, had six straight road losses after recent sweep in Milwaukee.) Runs scored 227, allowed 219. Injury bug firmly involved, with Votto, Volquez and EE all out and Phillips just back from injury.

Offense -- OPS was .738 last time, now .742 (9th in NL), slightly below league average of .744. SLG, at .412, above league average of .409 and tied for 7th-8th in NL. Reds tied for 4th-6th in league in homers with 55, Bruce with 14.

OBP is .331, up from .328, still below league average of .335 and 10th in NL. Reds remain 13th in NL in walks with 177. OBP numbers for several starting players are .325 or below including Taveras (.325), Hairston (.318), Bruce (.302), Gonzalez (.263). All are helping in other ways but need to get OBP up. Team BA is .256, ninth-tenth in league, slightly below league average of .259. Absence of Votto likely impacting OBP and BA team-wide numbers.

Pitching -- Team 4.05 ERA, sixth in league, slightly better than last time which was 4.08. Starting ERA remains 8th in league, at 4.38. Bullpen ERA of 3.40 is third best in NL. Homers allowed 53, 7th most in NL.

Team WHIP of 1.35 is tied for 4th best in NL and OBP allowed (.331) better than league average. So Reds are a bit below average in getting on base offensively, but above average in pitchers preventing baserunners.

Harang (4.19) slipped a bit in ERA from last time, but Arroyo with big improvement, now has 7 wins and down to 5.12 ERA from 7 plus ERA earlier in season. Volquez has been out, Bailey allowed 6 in spot start, Volquez could need replacement for next turn after early injury exit yesterday. Cueto "slipped" to 2.53 current ERA.

Burton optioned to AAA, Fisher now on staff with three scoreless outings. Cordero perfect 14 for 14 in saves. Rhodes allowed 1 run in 18 innings pitched. Massett, back from DL, has allowed 6 hits in 18 IP with 1.00 ERA.

Fielding -- Reds now second in MLB in DER ranking. Getting excellent defensive play up the middle from most starters and reserves. Taveras leads NL outfielders (those over 100 innings) in Range Factor statistic. Team Fielding PCT creeping up, now .982, although still fifth most in NL with 35 errors.

06-02-2009, 03:43 PM
And Willy T. continues to impress with his play in the field and being a true leadoff hitter. Boy am I glad we signed him.

Homer Bailey
06-02-2009, 04:14 PM
And Willy T. continues to impress with his play in the field and being a true leadoff hitter. Boy am I glad we signed him.

Not sure what to make of this part. Can't tell if the whole post is sarcasm or not, because he has been great in the field, but the .325 OBP doesn't scream true leadoff hitter.