View Full Version : If you were to compete in the NL tomorrow . . .

06-08-2009, 12:55 PM
with players in the Reds' minor-league system today . . .

I'll include Maloney, because I assume he'll be sent back down when Volquez comes off the DL. That may be a poor assumption, but I'm making it anyway. (If you insist on not counting Maloney, I'd insert Ramirez.)

So I guess my roster would be something like this:

1B - Alonso
2B - Richar / Valaika (injured)
SS - Cozart / Valaika
3B - Francisco
RF - Heisey
CF - Stubbs
LF - Frazier
C - Tatum
Bench - Castillo
Bench - Sutton
Bench - Eymann
Bench - Hopper
Bench - Dorn

SP - Maloney
SP - Bailey
SP - Wood
SP - Stewart
SP - Smith
LR - Ramirez
LR - Smit (L)
RP - Manuel
RP - Roenicke
RP - Viola (L)
RP - Ondrusek
RP - Valiquette (L)

I wish I could sneak in Horst and Soto, but nah, it's too early for that. Bray and possibly Buck and/or Thompson would be there if they weren't hurt. (And Fisher if he weren't up already.)

It's a futile exercise, I know, but sometimes a fella just needs to dawdle . . .

06-08-2009, 01:41 PM
If that was my team, I'd trade for a catcher.