View Full Version : Down but not out?

Captain Hook
06-14-2009, 10:27 PM
Loosing 4 in a row to the Nats and KC is pretty tuff to swallow.This is certainly the lowest I have been on the Reds all season long.The lack of offense is almost enough to literally make me sick.:barf:

There a plenty of threads out there right now that hit on the subject of the team getting some help via trade.I think that there is no doubt that the team needs to pick someone up from outside the organization.A SS or outfielder is really needed.Even more then that we need to get some key guys back.When I think about what we are missing right now I start to feel a little better about our chances.After all the rest of the teams in the division are playing about as bad as the Reds are.

I think that we can all agree that the team is really missing Votto and when he does come back he will make a big difference.All I have to add to that is have a feeling he will be back soon.

EE was struggling before he went to the DL.Many of us was glad to see him go.Now that we have seen what else we have there I'll welcome him back in a second.I think he will come back before the All-Star break and when he does we will see a big improvement at 3B from what were getting out of the position right now.

Volquez hasn't hurt as bat as the position players being out.The pitching has held up pretty good.The rest he is getting should rejuvenate him in the second half.I think the Volquez we'll see the rest of the way will resemble the Edison of last year more then the Edison we have seen so far this season.

All and all I think the Reds still have a very good shot to make a strong playoff run if they can get healthy and ad a bat.I hope some of these things come together soon and we see the improvement needed to make that run.

06-14-2009, 11:13 PM
Teams slump but the fact that a lot of these guys are kinda playing like we expected them to it really hurts.

guys like Taveras, and Gonzo probably arent going to improve much more if they even do,

Bruce is a young guy who is down, has shown his ups and is most likely going to be that way for the majority of the year.

who knows with Votto, once he does return from what ever his problem is I do expect him to be hitting decently. I wouldnt expect him to be the MVP he was playing like but that was expected either way.

Edwin is a question mark. He puts together decent years, but always lacks something. For all we know he will come back bat .300 and never hit a double. Or he will come back bat .220, and post a OBP of .240 while slugging .400.

They are probably a sub .500 team but who didnt expect this team to be that?

shocker fan
06-14-2009, 11:39 PM
This was the first series I saw as I am stuck in South Central Kansas with Dish network so no MLB package. I drove to KC and must say that the defense was very poor. Has it been this bad all year or is this series just a fluke. Hairston in particular today, but it looked like if Bruce had ran that ball down properly he would have had the out easily. I also saw times where the outfielder had to wait for the cutoff man to get out there in order to throw the ball back. If the defense had been better the Reds would have been up 1-0 until that last homerun.

06-15-2009, 02:53 PM
Team slumps really do happen...even losing to teams that you shouldn't.

Take for example my college ball team. We had a very strong team this year, were picked to finish 2nd in our conference, etc. We went through our roughest stretch this year when we lost four games in a row to teams that we should not have lost to by any means. It seemed like everything that we tried blew up in our face.

Thankfully during the fifth game we busted out for 17 runs :cool:

My point is that slumps do happen...don't get too pessimistic about this team until they are out of the race.