View Full Version : Fay: Votto and Edwin to Possibly Rehab by End of Week

06-16-2009, 06:38 PM
And Volquez not far after...

Joey Votto is working out with the team on the field, as I type.

"He hit today," Dusty Baker said. "He's looking good, a lot better. . . It's good to see him."

Baker said Votto will be his minor league rehab "relatively soon."

My guess is it will be some time this week.

Votto again declined to talk to the media.

Other quick updates:

--Edwin Encarnacion took batting practice today -- 25 swings. "It feels good," he said of his wrist/hand. "Couple more days, I'm going to playing." He was referring to a minor-league rehab. Baker cautioned: "He's been close before," Baker said. "We've got to make sure he's not sure the next day."

--Edinson Volquez threw from 110 feet today. He's take a day off, then throw from 120. After that, he'll throw off the mound. He'll also go on rehab -- either in Dayton or Louisville. "We've got to build him back up," Baker said. "It's not around the corner. It's around a couple of corners."


06-18-2009, 11:24 AM
From Fay:

Spoke to Edwin Encarnacion. He expects to begin his rehab this weekend. He's not sure where.