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Captain Hook
06-26-2009, 12:50 AM
The Reds are finally scoring some runs.From what I have seen in other post, stats suggest that Joey makes about a 1 run difference every game.I would say that in Joey's case you should throw those stats out the window.He doesn't just get 2 or 3 hits and drive in runs every night.He makes the entire team better.

The 1 example I'll give was in the game tonight.Taveras led the game off with a double and then the Reds in very Reds like fashion managed to get to outs while accomplishing nothing.On recent nights(like the last month+)you could almost count on the team wasting a great scoring opportunity.But tonight Votto came up with with a man on second and 2 outs in a scoreless game and sliced a double into left field to start the scoring.While that is great what is even greater is that a little bit of pressure or tension perhaps was lifted.The guys behind Votto came up and did something very unfamiliar.They got the job done.

This is the effect of having a leader.The Reds had their leader this year and were doing just fine.He went down and they really struggled.Votto is the first true leader the Reds have had since Larkin imo.Its great to have him back.

06-26-2009, 12:58 AM
Another thing I think Votto had an influence in: Jay Bruce actually hit the ball nicely in his lone hit, an opposite field double.

06-26-2009, 08:37 AM
Another thing I think Votto had an influence in: Jay Bruce actually hit the ball nicely in his lone hit, an opposite field double.

One of the FSN guys (forget who) was saying the other night how important Votto is to Jay because Jay can watch the pitcher throw to a similar LH batter before he hits. Might be something to that. Whatever happens, there is no denying Votto's presence is just massive in this lineup. Lets get one more bat and make a run at this thing!

06-26-2009, 10:00 AM
I hope Joey doesn't decide he needs to play for the Jays so he can be close to his brothers. I'd hate to lose him.

Red in Atl
06-26-2009, 12:11 PM
After last nights game I have this nagging feeling/theory that won't go away. Maybe you guys can help me get rid of it.

Did you notice that the one person who did not contribute, other than moving Willy to third in the first inning, was BP. Now if memory serves, BP didn't step up and start hitting well until Votto first went into his funk, and he hit especially well hitting third while Joey was on the DL. I think the graphic last night was something like batting 4th BP was hitting .244 and batting third he was hitting .300.

Additionally, he looked awful last night, and his body language was the same as it was prior to the fire Dusty lit under his but for not hustling at the end of April. His feeble grounders and lack of hustle in running them out (that bloop down the RF line could have been fair but BP didn't even move toward 1st) looked like a guy who had just lost the election for President, or team leader.

Now I love BP as a player, but he resembled the guy from the first few weeks of the season. Now to the theory...

BP is the kind of guy who needs lots of love. Not as much as EE, but he needs to feel like the team leader. Is he jealous (which may explain his caustic comment about the team feeling a bit of frustration with Joey being out) of Joey Votto, and is his jealosy getting in the way of him just playing baseball.

He declared when Dunn and Griffey were traded that he wanted to be the team leader. What his youth doesn't allow him to understand is that team leader is earned by example. Joey Votto is obviously the "Leader" of this team, and he fully deserves it.

I'm afraid that BP's ego is getting in the way of him producing and just playing ball. He started his slip about the same time Votto was supposed to come off the DL and all the talk shifted back to Votto.

Does this sound crazy that jealosy over who is most important to the team could get in a players mind? If so, can he overcome it? BP is/could be a really great player, but you can't get to the WS with one guy.

Another thing to add to this; when BP swung on the 3-0 count, not even looking for a sign from the 3rd base coach. His excuse, "I was trying to make something happen." As if he is the only guy on the team capable of "making something happen" so the team could win. As I said above, one guy can't win it for the team.

Votto is clearly a team player. If BP isn't or can't change and be one, he has to be the guy to go in the end. I hope I am totally wrong here.

Please show me this is all foolish.

06-26-2009, 12:29 PM
Your thinking way too much into this red in atl. BP will be just fine.