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06-29-2009, 08:22 PM
From best to worst:

6/28: 6.0IP, 1R,
6/23: 5.2IP, 6R,
6/17: 6.0IP, 2R,
6/11: 5.1IP, 1R,
6/05: 6.0IP, 2R,
4 of 5 starts less than 3 runs given up.

6/25: 6.0IP, 5R,
6/20: 4.2IP, 5R,
6/14: 6.0IP, 5R,
6/09: 7.0IP, 1R,
6/03: 6.1IP, 1R,
2 of 5 starts less than 3 runs given up.

6/26: 4.2IP, 7R,
6/21: 7.0IP, 3R,
6/16: 2.0IP, 0R, (shortened by rain delay)
6/10: 7.2IP, 0R,
6/04: 8.0IP, 3R,
5/30: 4.1IP, 8R,
Since Harang's 6/16 start was cut short by rain, I included his 5/30 start.
1 of 5 starts less than 3 runs given up.

6/24: 3.2IP, 7R,
6/19: 6.2IP, 2R,
6/13: 5.0IP, 6R,
6/07: 7.0IP, 3R,
6/02: 5.1IP, 5R,
1 in 5 starts less than 3 runs given up.


6/27: 5.0IP, 3R, 3ER

6/18: 5.2IP, 6R, 6ER
6/12: 6.0IP, 4R, 4ER
6/06: 6.0IP, 2R, 2ER

For Bailey and Maloney, 1 of 4 starts less than 3 runs given up.

If it wasn't for Owings being the rock of the rotation during June, the REDS would be in last place in the Central Division.

06-29-2009, 08:41 PM
For the record...

The six Reds pitchers used in the fifth-starter spot last year finished a combined 4-21.

So, it looks like Maloney and Bailey, who are going to be a part of that #5 starter spot this year, as Owings has been our #4 for a month now, have a much better chance at being better than what took place last season. If Volquez ever returns, Owings goes back to being a #5, which is pretty nice.

In reality, Arroyo's pitched like a #5 all season, and he's winning games, too.

It's nice having very good pitching for a change, and it seems like our starters are not anywhere near as good as our relievers, though the relievers don't have to do it for as many innings, or they wouldn't be relievers.

06-29-2009, 08:45 PM
But .. I thought we were told Owings wasn't worthy! LOL