View Full Version : Reds Close to selling Sarasota Franchise

07-04-2009, 10:49 PM
I was doing a little followup on the whole Sarasota spring training fiasco when I came across this little nugget.

Some outfit called Baseline head by Mike Pagliarulo wants to buy Ed Smith stadium, (and I think the Sarasota franchise) and have Japanese spring training teams and year round fantasy camps best I can tell.

The article from last week said that Friday the 3rd was the deadline (but of course they thought they'd ask for a deadline extension if needed).

"It's been a long process" and others the Reds have been talking to "are tired of waiting," said Bob Miller, the Reds vice president and assistant general manager.

The team is talking to Baseline about extending the deadline, but must weigh the risk of losing opportunities elsewhere, Miller said."