View Full Version : Reds stats through 80 games

07-06-2009, 12:32 PM
Reds certainly are a .500 team. 40-40 record, 20-20 home, 20-20 road. 6-4 for the last ten games. Scored 333 runs, allowed 355. Seems like most of them were allowed in yesterday's route by St. Louis. Reds 3 games out. Now EE back, Volquez still out, Burton down, Sutton up.

Offense -- numbers slightly improved across the board, probably attributable to Votto's return. Team BA .250, OBP .321, SLG .394, OPS .715. All of these numbers are 13th or 14th in NL. Reds have 74 homers, tied for 9th-10th in NL despite playing half the games at GABP.

Votto .364/.454/.619/1.073. There is no other regular player on the team with an OPS over .800. Gomes, Owings, and Hanigan all are over .800 playing less than full time. Gomes at 1.014 in platoon. EE just back has .462 OPS (from his injured period earlier in season), presumably will start hitting soon and help.

Pitching -- Overall with a 4.00 team ERA, slightly improved from last time. Sixth in NL. Starters at 4.38 in 8th place in league. Bullpen now leads NL pens in ERA at 3.25 and, except for one game vs. Cards, was sensational this past stretch.

Starting ERAs include Cueto at 2.69 after 103 innings, super; Harang 3.86, solid; Owings 4.48, improved and solid last few outings; Bailey (for Volquez) 5.94 getting better after great outing. But Arroyo in slump now at 5.85 with 21 homers allowed and .511 SLG against. Since 6/14 Arroyo is 1-4 with 8.41 ERA.

Bullpen, strength of team, with some great numbers. 5 of current 7 relievers with WHIP at 1.14 or below. Current 7 relievers have allowed total of 7 homers, include Burton it's 8 homers. With exception of Fisher, every current reliever's ERA is at 2.63 or below. Cordero makes All Stars with 20 saves in 21 tries.

Fielding -- Reds now with 56 errors, FPCT of .982. This is fifth worst in league, but these numbers improving. DER now second in the league (third last time) behind only LA.