View Full Version : Interest in Salazar?

07-08-2009, 11:36 PM
The Orioles are my favorite AL team since I live near them and I have gotten t know plenty of players on their team so I try to watch them alot. It is being said that either Oscar Salazar or Felix Pie will be gone once Cesar Izturis returns.

I think the Reds should seriously look at Salazar who has done nothing but hit in the majors and has been a great minor leaguer too. Now he is 31 years old but he would be a cheap option to use at 3rd base, LF, SS and even 1B when Votto needs a day off. He played SS today and has played quite a bit of 3rd in the minors and this could be a type of guy who won't cost much but could make a huge impact.