View Full Version : Brian Cashman calls the July 31 trade deadline "more of a fictitious one now, anway"

07-19-2009, 07:55 PM
A few reporters got Brian Cashman before the game, to discuss the clubs' needs as we head toward the July 31 non-waivers trade deadline.

And one of the Yankees' GM's most interesting thoughts was that he doesn't believe this deadline holds much value anymore.

"I think over the years, this trade deadline is no longer even in existence," Cashman said. "...The waiver stuff is not going to prevent deals in August. Guys are going to get through because people are going to be afraid to afraid to claim and get stuck with money that they can’t afford. And so the July 31 trade deadline is more of a fictitious one now, anyway.]

"It’s not like it was when Steve Phillips (when he was the Mets' GM) and I were going haywire, claiming everyone on the wire. Those days are dead and buried, because no one can live with a mistake like they used to. Because the economy has changed and has affected everybody both in and out of sports. Although July 31 is approaching, it’ll affect some level of players. Most, most likely, will clear. There’ll be a very large population to pick from as we move forward, anyway."

Cashman is referring to waiver claims that backfire, such as when he claimed Jose Canseco in 2000 for the sole purpose of blocking Canseco from going to the Red Sox or Blue Jays - only to see Tampa Bay say, "Here, you can have him" to the Yankees.

Obviously, a guy like Roy Halladay would get claimed in August. While Cashman wouldn't come out and say that he's not acquiring the Blue Jays' ace, he made it sound unlikely. Said Cashman: "I’m not opposed to anything, but some things are more realistic than others. And we’ll just stay engaged and try to make the best decisions possible."

Besides, the Blue Jays don't want to trade Halladay within the AL East, anyway.

The Yankees' weakness right now is starting pitching, Cashman acknowledged, and he expressed a desire to fix that problem internally. Which is SOP. If Sergio Mitre bombs, or if Joba Chamberlain or Andy Pettitte can't straighten out, the next internal option is...Kei Igawa!

But, as Cashman said, "It’d probably be easier to find some bullpen guy and take one of the starters out of the ‘pen and put him back in the rotation than go outside and trade for someone."


07-19-2009, 08:09 PM
July 31st has lost most of the drama ever since they changed the time of the deadline from midnight to.... what is it like 5 pm now? Players and fans being on pins and needle right up to the eleventh hour hoping for that trade that pushes them over the top.