View Full Version : Teams that are out of it.

Captain Hook
07-20-2009, 12:47 AM
During the All Star break I was listening to ESPN radio and they were discussing the teams that they feel are too far behind and have no chance for the playoffs this year.I think that it was Scott Van Pelt and Ryan Russillo(I know they're not baseball experts but it was a decent conversation) and between the 2 only 1 had the Reds as one of the teams that have no chance.In the National league the only other teams that they couldn't agree on were the Mets and Astros.As bad as the Reds are I haven't yet given up all hope(I'm real close though).Here are the teams that are IMO without a doubt out of the playoffs and will be sellers this year.

AL East:Toronto,Baltimore

AL Central:Kansas City,Cleveland

AL West:Oakland

NL East:Washington

NL Central:Pittsburgh

NL West:Arizona,San Diego

If this was the NCAA the Reds would be my next team out followed by the Mets,Houston,Florida and Seattle in that order.This is not based on how good I think these teams are.Just the chance they have to make the playoffs.

07-20-2009, 07:32 PM
But, Seattle and Houston are both playing well. They are far from out of it. They're on the rise. Until Hernandez went down, I would have said the REDS were already out of it. Now they'll have a chance after Hernandez' problem has been addressed with his knee.