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07-23-2009, 11:39 PM
he needs to buy smart and cheap and try to find guys that can still help this ballclub. We need two bats, one lefty and one righty in order for this offense to be equal to the pitching staff. The guys who are out there and could be cheap additions who will help are: LF Josh Willingham (Nationals) and OF Luke Scott (Orioles). Scott wont be a free agent until 2012 and makes around 3 million a year and while Willingham is cheap im not sure when he is a free agent. Washington will most likely ask for a relief pitcher and a young minor league OF for Willingham while the Orioles will likely ask for a minor league pitcher and infielder. Maybe Stubbs and Manuel for Willingham and Francisco and Maloney for Scott?

Lineup (when Bruce comes back)
1. 2B Brandon Phillips
2. C Ryan Hanigan
3. 1B Joey Votto
4. LF Josh Willingham
5. RF Luke Scott
6. 3B Edwin Encarnacion
7. CF Jay Bruce
8. SS Alex Gonzalez
9. P

You may be saying why Phillips in the leadoff spot? Putting him there makes him forget about hitting home runs every time up. Also it puts our 2nd best 2 strike hitter at the top and a guy who can take pitches and foul off multiple pitches. He has enough speed to be the leadoff guy and hey we even have some pop there too now. You may be saying the same thing about Hanigan in the 2 spot. Hanigan has shown that he is a very good handler of the bat and can hit for a high average. Also with Joey Votto hitting behind him he will get alot better pitches now. Now we will just have to find out if he is asked to bunt, can he?

EDIT: Josh Willingham is a free agent after this season although with guys like Todd Frazier, Yonder Alonso and others who may be playing LF next season im not sure we need him past this season.