View Full Version : not selling such a suprise?

Captain Hook
07-28-2009, 12:33 AM
I was one that believed that this could be our year but I know that most people in RZ thought it was more likely that we would have to wait until 2010.At the beginning of the season while I didn't agree with that thinking I did understand it.Why is it that most people that actually thought that have forgotten it?

Lets look back to before the season started and most of the reasons for 2010 being our year and also keeping in mind the logic in not selling right now.

1.Votto looked great in his rookie year but it was likely that it would take 1 more year of MLB experience before we would see him become elite.

2.Bruce is young and has basically had about 1/2 a season in the bigs under his belt.2009 wouldn't likely see him become an All Star but it could be a year of valuable experience that hopefully will lead to him fulfilling his potential.

3.While Volquez was great last year him and Cueto both seemed to be another year away from being solid and steady mlb pitchers.

4.Harang was coming of a very bad year in witch he was injured.Many pitchers tend to struggle after a year where injuries affected them and there were certainly questions about Aaron.He is still young enough that it is reasonable to believe that he can find his groove in 2010.

5.Because the team has fallen out of contention Bronson is a obvious guy to trade but I believe that it would serve us best to hang on to him since another team will demand we pay some of his salary and likely give little in return(this goes for Harang as well).I'd bet that he will end 2009 with 14 or 15 wins,an era around 4.50 and well over 200 ip.Regardless of what anyone would say about him that kind of production will not easily be replaced and there is no reason that we shouldn't expect the same in 2010 from Arroyo.

6.Cordero is a shut down closer that if we were a contender this year like we hope to be next year we will need.He is over paid for sure but he does his job and next season if contending that will be appreciated and valued much more then it is this year.

7.More young guys in the minors will be ready to contribute in 2010 then what could have been anticipated this year.Hanigan,Dickerson and Baily also look as if they could potentially be productive main stays in 2010.Not to mention the next crop of young guys that can help out.

There are certainly some move that need made for us to contend next year.If the front office can get the job done by adding a good SS and above average OF we can compete with the team we have.Why trade valuable guys that can be a part of that?One more year of experience and a little bit of help from outside of what we currently have and I think we'll be good in 2010.Getting rid of Baker would help but that's a different story.