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08-01-2009, 05:38 PM
I'm starting to think the Reds did the smart thing and traded for Rolen and maybe Walt has been told he can spend alot of money this offseason. So I looked at the free agents and some of the players that may be on the trade market and here's what I came up with.

1. Take the $4 mil you got with Rolen and get rid of Taveras for good. Unless someone is willing to take him off our hands (not gonna happen).

2. Starting today pass Harang and Arroyo through waivers and get whatever you can for them. Maybe the Yankees are still interested in Harang or Arroyo who knows. But my hope is one of the two can be gone and free up maybe half of their remaining salary which would be I believe around 10 million over the next 2 seasons. (not quite sure about the salary)

3. Find a power hitting CF. And yes I'm talking about Andruw Jones. We've seen this season that he can still hit for a lot of power and still play the field. If you get him in here, put him on a conditioning program and get his weight down: he can still be a VERY good CF. Plus he will most likely be cheap once again.

4. Trade for a SS. The popular choice on this board and in Cincinnati is Yunel Escobar. It may take alot to get him because he is realtively cheap I believe and is very good and young. I think a package of Maloney, Valaika, and Stubbs/Heisey should be able to get it done.

5. Find one more starting pitcher to replace the spot left behind by the departure of Harang/Arroyo. Guys like Harden, Bedard, Webb, and Myers may have seemed too expensive but money freed up and we didn't spend much on FAs until now allows us to get a guy we need. The guy I want his Eric Bedard. He is the solid left-handed starter we have been looking for and desperately need and although his price is high, it will be worth it.

6. Sign Brian Schneider to be our everyday catcher. The guy has shown everywhere he has been that he can hit for power and handle a pitching staff. Plus it adds one more left handed bat to even out the order.

2010 Lineup:
1. SS Yunel Escobar
2. 2B Brandon Phillips
3. 1B Joey Votto
4. 3B Scott Rolen
5. RF Jay Bruce
6. CF Andruw Jones
7. LF Wladimir Balentien
8. C Brian Schneider
9. P

C Ryan Hanigan
OF Chris Dickerson
IF Adam Rosales
OF Laynce Nix
IF Paul Janish

1. Johnny Cueto
2. Eric Bedard
3. Aaron Harang
4. Edinson Volquez (fingers crossed)
5. Homer Bailey

Micah Owings
Carlos Fisher
Jared Burton
Daniel Ray Herrera
Arthur Rhodes
Nick Masset
Francisco Cordero

Don't bash me for making another one of these threads but this is my offseason thread really. Don't think I've ever made one of these before just seems like I always am thinking bout this stuff. LOL

08-01-2009, 05:50 PM
Ok, that guy from Seattle Vladimar Puten or whatever, is not going to be a Player... Schneider, you lost me there... Jones, please lets be real for just a second. That guy was probably on the Roids list of 2002-2003 and just doesn;t have it anymore... Without his Magic Juice...

The Braves probably would trade Escobar but it would take a truck load... I dont think Cueto or Bruce or Yonder like some people in here would say...

If I was in Charge, I would trade for Grady Sizemore during hte offseason... Give the Indians anyone but Yonder, Bruce, and Cueto...

Also, I think Harang and Arroyo will pass through waivers and would Love the Yankees to give up some prospects for 1 of them... I would move Both players... Angels need a Starter too...

But anyway... This team needs to Start with Votto, Bruce, Cueto, Phillips as the core, and Let Rolen be the Leader... Bring up guys like Stubbs and Yonder and add pieces...

Quit signing Haristons, Taveras, and Lincolns...

Oh, and I really wish there was never a Josh Hamilton for Edinson Volquez Trade.

Thought Voltron pitched great at the first half of last year but Hamilton will produce for the next 8 years like a Monster.