View Full Version : Lousy Lineup Optimzer

08-19-2009, 04:23 PM
These guys (http://www.drivelinemechanics.com/tags/lousy%20lineup%20optimizer) should do one on the Reds. Today's (http://www.drivelinemechanics.com/2009/8/19/991722/lousy-lineup-optimizer-san) piece is on our opponents though. An excerpt that hits on a discussion often had here:

Who gets in? Again ultimately, who is in the lineup is more important than what order they go in. Having said that, in this occasional series my focus is opposite issue -- the order. So I'm generally going to accept whatever group of players the manager is throwing out there, whether I think it is the right group or not. I won't always get this right, since lineups change day-to-day depending on how players are feelings, how much acid reflux the manager had the night before, etc.