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09-30-2009, 12:10 AM
Sorry if this has already been posted, but this made me yearn for some winning baseball in Cincy, and also reminded me of one of the best summers of my life (not just because of the Reds).

Article from the Enquirer also has some great photos links of the 99 team. I was in my Sophomore/Jr. years of college when this magical season occured...along with the 1990 team this one was definitely one of my favorites.


Heres to some great memories...:beerme:

I'd love to hear your recollections of that year.

I'll keep mine brief and only discuss 3.

1. I remember attending opening day with my grandfather (God rest his soul) and we sat in the red seats in right field. The atmosphere that game was comparable to a college football game. In fact we were surrounded by drunk kids, a de facto Reds student section! Even though we lost to the Giants it was a fun game and I knew deep down the Reds would have at least a winning season. Still remember Johnny Bench coming out of the dugout in a new Reds uniform right before the game.

2. I remember the All-Star game that summer at Fenway. I was vacationing with my family in Port Canaveral Florida and we watched that game at a place called Rusty's Seafood. I can still remember Larkin driving in the only run for the NL in the 4-1 loss that day (Pedro Martinez was dominant in the first 2 innings striking out 5 of 6 including Larkin).

3. I saved my best story for last...I believe it was late April, I know it was a Friday night. I was at an ex-girlfriend's home (who was a Braves fan by the way :thumbdown), and I asked if I could watch her TV so I could catch the end of the Reds/Pirates game. Reds were down 1 run in the bottom of the 9th at Riverfront. Somehow we tied the game and Pokey Reese was in scoring position. Then pinch hitter Hal Morris delivered a game winning single down the right field line that scored Pokey Reese giving the Reds a come from behind win. Pokey was mobbed at home with the iconic team hop. I instantly began jumping up and down with my fist clinched in the air screaming "Yeah, now thats Cincinnati Reds baseball bye gawd!" MY ex said "oh Will its only one game." Little did she know that every game counts and that one game helped get them into that one game playoff with the Mets. I also reminded her of that at the end of the season. I definitely had the last laugh as my distant 2nd favorite team swept Sucklanta in the World Series that year!

Sorry for the long post, but that article just brought back some great memories for me, baseball and regular life!

Boston Red
09-30-2009, 12:24 AM
Loved that team. Still can't believe they spit the bit in Milwaukee.

09-30-2009, 07:05 AM
That team was so much fun to watch. They had so many guys have career years, that most never came close to duplicating. Even for Casey, that was the best year of his career not to mention Steve Paris, Ron Villone, Eddie Taubensee and Pokey Reese. I think they finished third or fourth in the NL in ERA that year. I have always wondered if they had made the playoffs, or the world series if they would have tried to keep Vaughn. Of course the 2000 team won 87 games which was quite a feat considering, Leatherpants traded away their best pitcher early in the season.

Ghosts of 1990
09-30-2009, 08:06 AM
I fell in love with that team. What I remember about them and that season:

1. Sean Casey was coveted in fantasy baseball leagues all over (my 1st year playing fantasy baseball), he was hitting in the .360's until late June.

2. I watched a lot of those late inning wins with my grandma; who was my best friend. She loved the Reds and Larkin & Casey. She's now long gone; that was the last winning team she ever saw. I remember one game late in the season we were playing on the road at San Francisco; must have been August. I fell asleep on her living room floor early in the game and missed most of it. When I woke up, there was granny awake in her rocking chair like it had been 5 minutes. And the Reds won.

3. Those black sleeves under the uniform replaced the Red sleeves during this season.

4. I think on July 4 or one of the holidays we played at Shea Stadium and were on national television to complete a sweep of the over-hyped Mets. I remember that was the moment that I felt like this 99 Reds team was for real.

5. Being at riverfront to see Scott Williamson blowing hitters away against the Atlanta Braves. My family leaving the game early (we took 2 cars to the game) because it was 95 degrees it seemed. My uncle and I stayed for the whole game. The players were putting lettuce leaves in their hats to stay cool on that turf (pokey reese I remember specifically)

6. Reading the box scores in the library at school that last week, dropping 4 of 5 to fall into that dreaded 3-way tie. Reading about the coin toss that we had fall favorably.

7. That fun game played on the last day of the regular season; the Milwaukee game that started at 10:00 PM after a 10 hour rain delay. They had to play it. It was fun that night as I drifted off to sleep. But it cost us for the next night. I should have driven to Cincinnati for that game against the Mets. If I'd known there wouldn't be another playoff game for 10 years + for my Reds I would definately have done it even though I'd just gotten my license that summer.

8. Of course, the end. I remember being dominated by Al Leiter. Getting the two hits. Edgardo Alfonso. The national TV spot and things seeming so dark at Riverfront, my riverfront.