View Full Version : Are you ready for some UFL football?

10-14-2009, 06:11 PM
Is anyone on here watching the UFL? I took a peek last Thursday and was impressed by the overall presentation; but underwhelmed by the play. Versus put together a good broadcasting team (Doug Flute and Kordell Stewart!)--but really had nothing to comment on. From the looks of things the hometown fans dont really care. If there were 3000 fans at the Cali/Vegas game, I would have been amazed. But hey, at least Denzel Washington was there to root on his son.

Is there a UFL Direct Ticket package? :D

10-14-2009, 06:19 PM
I watched some of a game on Saturday on HDNet. I think it was a Florida team, maybe Orlando. I recognized many of the players and the coaches. I didn't watch a lot due to my wife being in the room, but I enjoyed what I saw. It was better than watching college football IMO.

10-14-2009, 10:29 PM
I don't have VS network, but there's a game on there tonight, featuring some former Bengals. D.D. Dorsey for Las Vegas, along with Dexter Jackson and ODELL THURMAN for Florida...

10-14-2009, 10:42 PM
There are a couple other former Bengals in the league:

Tab Perry
Glen Holt
Nate Lawrie
Ronnie Ghent
Anthony Schlegel