View Full Version : Sloppy Postseason Baseball

10-18-2009, 10:06 AM
Has anyone else noticed that this postseason has been exceedingly poorly played? Three of the Four LCS games have been decided in a large part by poor defense. Utley's misfire on the DP attempt in game 2 along with Howard and Park's pathetic attempt to field a bunt, the Aybar/Figgins no call on a lazy pop fly to third that led to a run in game 1 along with Hunter's misplay of a bouncing grounder, and then Figgins fumble last night. You can even go back to Holliday's drop and the poor baserunning in the Twins/Tigers playoff game. I feel like this postseason has been exciting, but horrific baseball. It reminds me of one of those 21-17 football games that is close but has 6 turnovers and 175 yards in penalties.