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11-06-2009, 12:55 PM
Alright I'm bored, I miss baseball and wish the Reds were playing tonight...but since they are not I'm starting a thread to get everyone's opinion of the top 10 best Reds teams of all time. I'll do my best to list them in order. Keep in my mind these are in your opinion the BEST not your FAVORITES!

1. 1976-102 wins-no brainer, shear domination, breezed through postseason going undefeated against 2 excellent teams.

2. 1975-108 wins, Worlds Champs, considered by many greatest WS ever.

3. 1940-100 wins, only 53 losses, Worlds Champs.

4. 1970-102 wins, NL Champs, a few plays of momentum in the series could have worked in the Reds favor.

5. 1990-91 wins, Worlds Champs, even though the wins faded down the stretch I would still put that postseason bullpen up against most lineups ever.

6. 1973-99 wins, NL West Champs, how that team lost to a mediocre Mets team is beyond me.

7. 1919-96 wins, Worlds Champs, and Edd Roush said regardless of any speculated fix the 1919 Reds were better, and the stats prove it, championship not tarnished in my opinion!

8. 1939-97 wins, NL Champs, beginning of a turnaround from a horrid decade and a new Reds "mini" dynasty.

9. 1972-95 wins, NL Champs, JB with a great year and dramatic come from behind victory in the NLCS.

10.1974-98 wins, 2nd NL West behind the LA Dodgers.

Honorable mentions...

1962, 98 wins
1999, Stupid Milwaukee Brewers and Houston Astros, and NY METS!
1961, NL Champs
1964, 92 wins one game out of NL Pennant
1981, Best MLB Record We Wuz Robbed! Has to be included due to the circumstances!

11-07-2009, 05:09 AM
Nice post.

Answer to #6....Jerry Koosman.

11-07-2009, 07:35 PM
Nice post.

Answer to #6....Jerry Koosman.

The Mets "Big 3" of Jon Matlock, Jerry Koosman and Tom Seaver each had a win in that best of five series in 1973. Back then, they rotated homefield. The Reds won 17 games more than the Mets but the series games were 1 and 2 in Cincy then the remaining 3 in NY.

The Reds only scored 8 runs in that series but amazingly still won 2 games.


11-11-2009, 10:08 AM
I would really consider 39-40 and 75-76 to be one team. The 75-76 team may have had better hitters, but the 39-40 team had the best pitching the Reds may ever see. Walters and Derringer won 52 games in 39. That is nearly unheard of either today or in yesteryear.

11-11-2009, 06:29 PM
Walters and Derringer won 52 games in 39. That is nearly unheard of either today or in yesteryear.


IMO I believe those 2 teams over constantly overlooked due to the fact that is was sort of a mini dynasty...just dominated for 2 years...while the BRM dominated a decade.