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02-02-2010, 08:41 PM
But why is the MLB draft in June, right in middle of the MLB and NCAA season? Wouldn't it make sense to have it in January of February?

02-02-2010, 08:47 PM
School ends.

02-02-2010, 09:50 PM
School ends.

Didn't even think of that. Thanks.

02-03-2010, 04:40 PM
Yep. They get to watch these kids play a full season, then they have the draft, then many of those kids can go straight into short-season leagues. Except for the relative handful of players who are in the College World Series, the timing works for most everyone. Being in the middle of the MLB season isn't a real problem, the people working on the draft are usually a distinct group that isn't involved with the big club's day-to-day stuff.

Caveat Emperor
02-03-2010, 06:59 PM
Logically, they should move it to the day before or the day after the All Star game. It'd be the one day where it could have the undivided attention of both the baseball world and the sports world in general.