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02-06-2010, 11:45 PM
Hey, batter, batter: Heisey, Frazier bring some chatter
By John Erardi jerardi@enquirer.com February 6, 2010

Among the most in-demand attractions on the recent Reds caravan were youngsters Chris Heisey, who is in the mix for the left-feld job, and Todd Frazier, who could be in that mix as well.

The Enquirer caught up with them at the Reds Hall of Fame on the kickoff portiion of the tour and asked them to give a state-of-the-union on themselves and how they think things are lgoing headed into the new season.

We present their stories as oral histories.

Chris Heisey

I grew up in real small town called Mount Joy, Pa., just outside of Lancaster. Nice small town, lot of countryside. I started playing baseball in the backyard at two or three years old, and by 6I was playing organized baseball.

Basketball was actually my favorite sport in high school. I went to Messiah College, intending to play both baseball and basketball, but once I got there I wanted to really concentrate on my studies, so I figured one sport was enough for me, and I chose baseball.

I'm an outfielder now, but I'd been a shortstop and pitcher my whole life. like a lot of guys at this level who wind up playing the outfield. My junior year we had a shortstop who my coach thought was better than me, so he put me in the outfield, and ever since then, that's where I've been. Sometimes it gets real boring oit there - I like to be moving around - but only one guy can play shortstop, right?

We're doing a lot of bus time on this caravan. My longest bus trip in the minors was Billings, Mont., to Ogden, Utah, a 12-hour bus ride.

On the bus, my game is cards. A lot of guys watch movies or sleep, but I've never been able to sleep on the bus, unless it's late at night. If I'm not in a card game, I start another card game. just to have something to do.

In Triple-A we flew to cities that were the farthest ones away. I split time in Double-A and Triple-A last year. Half-and-half. I had a lot of success in Double-A, but a little less so in Triple-A. ... My swing kind of fell apart a little bit, and I got it back toward the end.

I haven't been told anything about (what level) I might begin play this year. I'm on the 40-man (roster) and I'm going to show up at camp and do the best I can, and hopefully going to be enough to break camp with the team. If not, I'm not going to be all that upset.

They never tell you a whole lot on what to expect from the upcoming year. They seem to like my defense, and that's something I've really worked on. I know I can hit, but it's just a matter of maintaining my approach for a whole year.

Todd Frazier

I'm from Toms River, N.J. I'm a Jersey guy. (In 1998, his team won the Little League World Series.) Jersey is where I live in the offseason. I work out there. When it's 45 degrees, you can get outside and hit. It might be a little nippy for most people, but that's actually a nice day to get out there and get the stinging going a little bit.

If you're from Jersey, you're definitely a (Bruce) Springsteen guy. I like Bon Jovi, too, but ultimately, you've got to be a Bruce guy.

I'd say my baseball idol is Manny Ramirez. Manny's out there having fun, like he's not having any stress in the world. I've seen film of Pete Rose from back in the day, and I loved how hard he played. But the last time I did a headfirst slide, I strained my wrist pretty badly in a summer league game, ... but I would do it again if I had to.

I'm excited to be in this position going to big-league camp. This is what you dream to be doing. You understand you are that much closer to being on the squad. Even right now, I'm getting goose bumps a little bit just thinking about it. I'm ready to go.

They haven't really told me where I might be this year. I don't even know what position I'll be playing. I'm working on every position right now. I'm just going to have fun and compete. I can't wait to see what happens. Last year, I played first, second, third and left field. A lot more left field than the rest of 'em. I enjoyed it out there, it was fun. You're out there on your own, and you can talk to yourself a little bit. I liked the chance to throw some guys out. I enjoyed it when somebody was on second base; the blood got going a lilttle bit. I got a little fired up, hoping for that ground ball and a chance to throw somebody out at home. That was an awesome thrill for me.

I've already taken a shot from Marty Brennaman because I made the mistake of asking Thom, "How's your brother?" You know how sometimes you get something in your mind and you think it's right and you just go with it? I think there's going to be more to come (from Marty). I get the feeling Marty doesn't forget a lot of stuff (as far as reminding you that you screwed up). And I'm on Thom's leg of the caravan, so he's going to be giving it to me, too."

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02-07-2010, 12:50 PM
woe, he really messed up slamming Marty, not a good way to start off, Todd.

02-07-2010, 01:27 PM
woe, he really messed up slamming Marty, not a good way to start off, Todd.

How did he slam Marty? He mistaked Thom for Marty's brother and then Marty poked fun at him. Nobody slammed anyone, it was all in fun.

02-08-2010, 05:44 AM
Calling that Fossil his brother is a compliment and Marty should be laughing and honored.