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David Cubbedge
02-11-2010, 11:18 PM
Any good Reds related radio out there for podcasting? I used to hook up with 1530 Homer, but they fell off hard core since last year. Mo Egger is cool, but cynical. I still enjoy him though. Lance Mcallister lacks care for baseball it seems and he gets a bit annoying to me.

To be honest, I miss The Cutman. He got on a lot of people's nerves, but he really talked baseball. He had his own perspective, and open up a different way of seeing things a lot of times. I also liked Daugherty, he was very knowledgeable and cynical as well.

So, ultimately my question is; as far as podcasting goes for those of us who do not live in Cincy, what options are there outside of Mo Egger and Lance MCallister?