View Full Version : Reds Decisions - Infield and Catcher

02-21-2010, 09:14 AM
I'll start three threads. Infield and Catcher. Outfield. Pitching.

Infield and catcher are first and easiest.

With the Rolen and Cabrera pickups, and with the re-signing of Hernandez, it would seem that the starting spots are filled. We need to discuss backups and depth.

Votto, Phillips, Cabrera, Rolen, Hernandez. Hanigan. All are locks.

The one decision is Janish, Miles, Sutton for two backup slots. Cairo is also a possibility. Burke, long shot.

Would seem that further depth comes from AAA prospects with Valaika, Frazier, Francisco, Cozart.

One spot that hasn't been filled is backup at first base. If Votto misses any time, we might see Alonso, so he is also on depth chart.

My guess is that Corky Miller is next on the catching depth chart in case of injury. Denove and Yarbrough are also in the line.

Seems to me that, for infield and catcher, the question for this spring is the infield backup decision with Miles, Janish and Sutton likely vying for two slots.

02-21-2010, 10:38 AM
I vote for Sutton and none of the above. Go with an extra OF who can play a little IF. Francisco??