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02-23-2010, 10:19 PM
With the new season right around the corner, I have once again taken to the archives to figure out where I want to sit for Opening Day and a few other games this year. I have always looked at this past post as a reference to where I want to be. I have seen some bad seats in GABP (The upper left hand sections of Sun Deck can't see CF or LF. Bleachers can't see big board and the P.A. sucks. I am currently looking at tickets in Section 137 in Row GG, Does anyone have any information on wether these are good/bad seats? Can you see the big board? Hear the PA system? Decent View of the Ballgame/See The entire Field? Thanks for the help, and any other seat reccomendations that will help us all out next time tickets come our way.


1) As you face the field, seat #1 will always be on the aisle to the left
2) Front row is "A", but you might have better seats than you think in certain sections where the first row is...
107 and 108 begin with Row T
109 and 120-121, and 137 begin with Row M
110 and 115-119, 127-131 Begin with Row F
136 begins with Row E
138 begins with Row R
139 begins with Row X
408 and 409 begin with Row J
3) You may be under cover in event of bad weather...
Sections 102-105, Rows K-P under cover
Sections 107-112, Rows HH-OO under cover
Sections 120-121, Rows EE-FF under cover
Sections 127-137, Rows FF-OO under cover
Sections 409-418, Rows P-Q under cover
4) Reds dugout on first base side
5) Reds bullpen behind right field wall, visitor bullpen behind center field wall
6) All seats in GAB will be a minimum of 19" wide