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03-22-2010, 12:02 PM

PREVIEW: The Reds have positioned themselves for a run in 2010. After win totals of 72, 74, and 78 over the past three seasons, we might finally see them break the .500 barrier for the first time since 2000. Even more, we could even see them make a run at the NL Central if a few things break their way. GM Walt Jocketty’s moves in late 2009 and this past off-season should certainly give Reds fans reason for hope.

Also included, Future Talent preview for Reds


PREVIEW: On the position player side, you just hope that Dusty Baker doesn’t interfere too much with what could be. Drew Stubbs is deserving of a chance to play in the Major Leagues, and while Baker won’t like the strikeout numbers that result, his defensive performance should mask any offensive issues: a league-average season with the bat should still net 3 wins above replacement.

03-22-2010, 12:19 PM
I was just coming here to post this. Good stuff from fangraphs. They seem to like the Reds talent a lot.

The 2010 Reds could be an exciting team. They feature a number of young, promising players who, if they move closer to their potentials in 2010, could provide the team with a much needed boost. A number of quality veterans fill the lineup and rotation as well. The combination should have fans in Cincinnati excited. The NL Central could be theirs if a few things break that way.

That's about how I feel. If some of the young players step up, and veterans like Rolen and Cabrera play well, this team has a chance at contending, IMO. This should be a fun season. Even if the Reds miss the playoffs, it should be exciting watching some of the younger players progress.