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03-27-2010, 11:10 PM
Forgot my draft was at 930 rather than 1030 so I got in about halfway through.

Scoring: Generic Yahoo categories.

Slyder's Base Steale
1. (10) Prince Fielder 1b
2. (15) Joe Mauer Ca
3. (34) Jimmy Rollins SS (The only pick I really wish it hadnt made)
4. (39) Derek Jeter SS
5. (58) Shin-Soo Choo OF
6. (63) Yovani Gallardo SP
7. (82) Andre Ethier OF
8. (87) Michael Young 3b
9. (106) Andrew Bailey RP
10. (111) Chris Coghlan OF
This is where I took over.
11. (130) Jair Jurrjens SP
12. (135) José López 1b/2b
13. (154) Randy Wells SP
14. (159) Michael Cuddyer 1b/OF
15. (178) Justin Duchscherer SP
16. (183) J.A. Happ SP
17. (202) Jay Bruce OF (there was literally no one that I liked at that point)
18. (207) Erik Bedard SP (Yes I know he may start the season on the DL)
19. (226) Johnny Cueto SP
20. (231) Casey McGehee 2b/3b (insurance)
21. (250) Cody Ross OF
22. (255) Bronson Arroyo SP
23. (274) Matt Guerrier RP

Arroyo was a Homer pick of course but hey guess right and he could put up some really good numbers considering the round. I reached/gambled with a bunch of pitchers because the game/draft just didnt feel the need to get me one beyond Gallardo in Rd 4.

Dom Heffner
03-28-2010, 09:36 AM
I think Jeter is the pick I wouldn't want- would have been nice to have a 3B there, maybe if Aramis Ramirez was available or Gordon Beckham. I'm not a Michael Young fan, and Jeter has to slow down- could this be the year?

Otherwise, your auto pick served you pretty well. Fielder and Mauer are awesome picks.