View Full Version : Who are your breakout players around the league this year?

04-01-2010, 05:59 PM
Just curious to see who you all think will have breakout season's around the league. Or guys who will make the leap from average to good. A couple of mine...

Trevor Cahill, Oak - Held his own as a 21 year old rookie last season, feel like he takes the next step and becomes one of the more promising young starters. Seems like he is a bit overlooked behind Brett Anderson.

Delmon Young, Min - Clips off a 20/20 season and bats .300 finally living up to some of his potential. Seems to be rededicated.

Franklin Morales, Col - Gets a chance to show his stuff closing while Street is out, lefty that brings absolute heat. My guess is people know who his name after the season.

Andy Laroche, Pit - his brother was a bit of a late riser also, he either follows through on his good minor league numbers or becomes the next Brandon Larson, I think he comes through on his minor league numbers.

04-01-2010, 06:40 PM
I'm thinking it's time for Wood to breakout in Anaheim, although he may look better next year, if at all.

I'm keeping an eye on Jake Fox in OAK, Frease in StL, and McGhee in Mil as well.

Kyle Blanks could also bust out with 25-35 hr, he's beastly.