View Full Version : Q & A with Walt Jocketty

04-02-2010, 04:59 PM
MLB.com: With Mike Leake having no professional experience, were you surprised he put himself in position to be a finalist for the fifth spot?

Jocketty: Nope. I'll tell you why. When we drafted him last year, we drafted him with the idea that he'll come fast -- not necessarily this fast. He pitched well enough in the [Arizona] Fall League. He's pitched at a very high level in college competition. He's done a lot of things. Would we like to see him out pitching in a five-man rotation for a while? Sure. We could probably control that at the Major League level, too.

MLB.com: How has Aroldis Chapman handled himself in camp with all the attention, the questions and the learning curve?

Jocketty: I think he's done well. Like Dusty [Baker] said early on, the fact he doesn't understand English has probably helped somewhat with not realizing all the hype that's been going on. He's done extremely well. I'm very happy. He's progressing some with his English. You can say a few things to him.

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