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04-20-2010, 10:39 PM
Have folks heard of the organization Honor Flight? They organize and pay for World War II vets to fly to DC to see the World War II memorial, as well as a number of other sights such as the Vietnam War Memorial and see the Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington.


My father-in-law went today from central Missouri. My wife's oldest sister was able to go to, helping out with the group. She is a former Air Force doctor. Our oldest daughter went up to DC yesterday since she has a wedding to go to this weekend and has been looking for a job up there. She decided to go for the week and actually got a job interview for this morning and went over to meet Grandpa at the WWII site. He knew she was going to be in DC, but didn't know she was coming over. He was really thrilled to get off the bus and see her and took her around and told everyone she was his granddaughter. She also walked over to the Vietnam Memorial and found them looking at my wife's cousin's name on the wall (my father in law's sister's son). Anyway, it was pretty cool and we're anxious to see photos and all. Here's a link to the Columbia MO TV station's brief story about it. My wife's dad isn't in any of the pictures.