View Full Version : Starting Pitching vs. Bullpen

04-21-2010, 02:12 PM
Barring trades it seems that the Reds are destined to have to look at moving a starter into the bullpen.

Couple things lead me to that conclusion:

Bullpen seems to need one more dependable arm in the 7th/8th innings to replace what Weathers and Burton provided the last couple years.

Surplus of potential starting pitching (i.e. The current 5, plus a Volquez return, and Chapman and Wood getting ready). Where will you put everybody?

Some of the current starters have no track record of giving the innings you need from the rotation. Actually Leake is the only one currently getting the job done, but Harang and Arroyo certainly have had the ability in the past. Bailey and Cueto can't seem to get past 5 innings.

So if you're Walt, when one or more of Volvquez, Chapman, Wood are deemed ready, who do you move to the pen? I'm starting to think Cueto is the obvious choice. His mechanics and size scare me. Could he be an injury waiting to happen with all the pitches he throws? Would he be more effective in the 7th/8th?

04-21-2010, 06:23 PM
By the looks of our starting pitching I think a couple of them could go there to make room. Harrang and Bailey top my list and John Cueto has always looked like a reliever to me.