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05-10-2010, 03:34 AM
Five weeks into the season and we have 14 minor league players currently sporting an OPS of .800 or higher. Who's capable of sustaining this level of offense and moving up the ranks? Who else might join these players in this elite club before the season is out? Let's hear some chatter.

Now, the Reds farm system's top 14 threats at the plate, at least this early in the season.

1. Mesoraco, C, Lynchburg Hillcats, High A, .978 OPS.
2. Miller, C, Louisville Bats, AAA, .954.
3. Puckett, 2B, Lynchburg Hillcats, High A, .929.
4. Garton, OF, Dayton Dragons, A, .908.
5. Denove, C, Carolina Mudcats, AA, .895.
6. Dorn, 1B-OF, Louisville Bats, AAA, .863.
7. Kahaulelio, 2B, Carolina Mudcats, AA, .854.
8. Valaika, 2B, Louisville Bats, AAA, .853.
9. Yarbrough, C, Carolina Mudcats, AA, .831.
10. Cozart, SS, Louisville Bats, AAA, .830.
11. (tie) Richburg, 1B, Dayton Dragons, A, .823 and Sappelt, OF, Carolina Mudcats, AA, .823.
13. Henry, OF, Carolina Mudcats, AA, .819.
14. Alonso, 1B-OF, Carolina Mudcats, AA, .807.

05-10-2010, 11:16 AM
Three of the top five are catchers, believe it or not. As rock pointed out, it's way too early to read anything into it, but interesting nonetheless . . . Gotta love Corky Miller doing what he's doing--just for Corky's sake. I think he's a tremendous guy to have in the organization, and a great candidate to be a manager.

Cody Puckett is quietly sneaking up the prospect lists, I think, the question being if he can hold his own at second base. Most people think not . . . There was a moment last year when I thought Jake Kahaulelio would make a bid, but it didn't happen. Maybe this time . . . Cozart has been impressive.

05-10-2010, 11:24 AM
I think Players like Dorn, Alonso, Cozart, Valakia and Mesorasco will be on it all year. Richberg, Henry Rodriguez and Coddington all has a chance to. I think add Soto, Francisco, Heisey when he returns to AAA and maybe Frazier who seems to be snapping out of his funk. In Billings I could see Conner, Silva and Yorman as current players who have the ability.

05-10-2010, 05:16 PM
Dusty doesn't care what his Catchers hit like....as long as they're veterans.

Hanigan's hitting 1.150 OPS and he gets benched for more than half the games, and hits in the worst batting spot when he does play.